Grow Your Own Vegetables, Without Soil

Ikea just launched a cool-looking (and affordable!) hydroponics system. Suddenly, takeout doesn't seem so appetizing…

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Even if you have a green thumb, growing lettuce indoors is pretty unusual—and we're not talking microgreens. The new indoor gardening system from Ikea, out this month, gives you the power to harvest herbs and veggies right from your kitchen, all through the power of hydroponics. But what exactly is that? It's a system that lets you grow plants with just mineral nutrients (no soil!), water, and an LED light (or sunlight). Much of the veggies we buy from a store are actually grown this way, but considering Ikea's global reach, this series could actually revolutionize sustainable living!

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This type of product is the first of its kind for Ikea, and demonstrates a global move towards more a more sustainable way of living. 

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The stacked unit makes for optimal growing space. Ikea suggests growing different varieties of herbs, lettuce, pak choi, and chard, which take about seven weeks to mature.

The first step in the system is harvesting your seeds in starter plugs where the seedlings will sprout.

Then you replant the seedlings in these pots surrounded by water-retaining pumice stones that will help the plants to grow. Then, all you need to do is water them!

You can place your plants in the window for natural sunlight.

You can also use the attachable LED light in place of the sun to harvest vegetables year round.

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