Let Your Anxieties Float Away

When it comes to advancements in stress-fighting technology, we're all ears. Here, we explain what a dry pool is, and how it can help your stress disappear.

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On busy, pull-your-hair-out days, wouldn't it be nice to lie back and float away (preferably in some sort of relaxing infinity pool)? Unfortunately, two minor problems come to mind: There's rarely an available body of water nearby to do so and, if there is, the idea of spending the rest of the day in your soaked clothing is slightly off-putting.

Now, Starpool, a technology-focused spa company, has teamed up with Neocogita, a brain wellness research lab, to create a "dry pool" that offers the chance to float in water while keeping your clothes H20-free. The dry pool, called Zerobody, creates a sensation of weightlessness and keeps you warm, all while inducing relaxation. (It even comes with adjustable lighting, in case you find, say, orange more soothing than blue.)

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While essentially a waterbed, the pool is designed for greater wellness rather than catching some '90s-style sleep. When you float, your body stops regulating body temperature. This gives you more energy to produce endorphins, in turn lowering pain signals and sometimes producing euphoric feelings, reports Contemporist (a website celebrating architecture and design).

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And Starpool and Neocogita have created meditation exercises to accompany floating sessions. According to Starpool, "the floating experience induces a cognitive state that is conducive to meditation." In other words, if you have trouble slowing down for meditation, floating could help you tap into a new state of calm.

Though Zerobody is currently designed primarily for spas and offices (talk about an ideal 3 p.m. break), we're thinking a floating sanctuary might just be a good use for an extra room.

From: ELLE Decor
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