White Walls Are Boring!

Wallpaper is your new secret weapon for home decor.

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Wallpaper may well be one of the most underappreciated elements of home decor. We get it—it's kind of scary (what if you mess up the application?), reminds people of their grandmother's house (pink-and-white florals anyone?), and doesn't exactly scream "modern." But you can only get so far with paint! If you're looking to change things up, create a statement wall, or simply to upgrade a boring piece of furniture—yes, you can put wallpaper on furniture—this unsung hero of interior decorating may be the answer to your boring-wall-related problems.

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Where to start? Below, find a selection of wallpapers that we hope will spark your creativity.

For Those Who Want to Add Some Shine

Big Moon Diamonds and Pearls on Cream, $200, jujupapers.com.
Thermoscad Metallic Gold and White, $125, tempaperdesigns.com.
Nacht Kosmos, $180, growhousegrow.com.
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For Those Who Want to Bring the Jungle Into Their Room

Wonderland in Hoppmosse by Hanna Wening, $75, wallstore.se.
House Plants in Olive, $75, missprint.co.uk.
Palmeral Wallpaper in Off-White and Green, $165, houseofhackney.com.

For Those Who Want a Natural Look

Cosmic Splash in Pearl, $165, aimeewilder.com.
Gray Marble, $115, cleverspaces.com.
Charred Cedar, $200, flavorpaper.com.

For Those Who Want to Get Playful

Random Geometry in Graphite, price on request, namarococo.com.
Too Much Stuff, $300, walnutwallpaper.com.
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