Amazing Pool Photos That Have Us Dreaming of Summer

A stunning new series from an award-winning photographer is sending us right into a summer bliss state.

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Hanging out of a helicopter 1,000 feet above the ground is not for everyone, but it is for photographer Stephan Zirwes. In his latest series of aerial photographs, he's captured the ultimate summertime hangout—the swimming pool—and the results are spectacular.

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The crisp images of poolside umbrellas, aquamarine waters, and ant-like swimmers are just some of Zirwes's works that capture beautiful patterns by taking on seemingly common place—he's also shot golf courses and soccer fields—from extremely uncommon perspectives. His execution of this conceit in Pools, as the series is called, has won him this year's Sony World Photography Award.

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Now on view at Opiom Gallery in Opio, France, the series, which was shot throughout southern Germany, where Zwires is from, is also a meditation on water usage. With vast amounts of his pools largely unused, and the surrounding scenes edited to a minimal tiled landscape, Zirwes presents water as a vital resource that often goes to waste. It's a simple message, and one that comes across elegantly, somehow without overpowering the contrasting joy of the summer fun to be found on all those diving boards.

Here are some of our favorites from the series!

Zirwes's show Moving Stills, which features Pools, will be on view at Opiom Gallery in Opio, France, through June 16. For more information see

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