Clock's a Ticking

And there's no time like the present to add another pair of hands to your home.

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You probably check your phone for the time more often than you glance at your wrist (we're guilty of watch negligence, too), but when you're lying on the couch for your Sunday night HBO marathon, your phone isn't always within reach. This is when a simple turn of the head brings a wall clock into the game.

The Aperture Clock, $40, is made from steel with a powder-coat finish.
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ByShop is a London-based homeware brand that wants to help fill your blank spaces. Not only are wall clocks convenient and reliable (you always know where to find them), they also add an elevated design element: more dynamic than a photograph, and more practical than a painting.

The hand-printed Timber Tiger Clock, $70, is part of ByShop's Zoo O'Clock Collection. Grr!

From simple, graphic lines to bright, colorful animals, the clock faces range from serious to playful, meaning there's a match for just about every room in your house. But act fast! ByShop's products are seasonal, meaning they change with the passing of, well, you know.

See more of these graphic wall clocks (and desk clocks and frame clocks!) at

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