A Tasty Take on Snail Mail

Cucumbers sprouting fishtails, literal spaghetti westerns, and lattes sculpted from fabric— that's what you get when 10 celebrated artists create 10 postcards exploring the subject of food. Take a look at some of the delightful Curious Feast postcards curated by Naz Sahin Ozcan below!

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Can we officially lead the campaign for the revival of postcards? After diving into the 10 different designs in the Curious Feast set, we're ready to put pen to paper and send these whimsical works of art to everyone we know. Naz Sahin Ozcan, a New York-based graphic designer, curated the set, which includes pieces from artists Caren Alpert, Brest Brest Brest, Mimi O Chun, Patricia Curtan, Michele Humes, Melinda Josie, Joel Penkman, Alex Proba, and Wijnand Warendorf.

Brest Brest Brest's playful take on the spaghetti western.
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The hunger-inducing images on each of the 100 cards was created in the artist's medium of choice—whether that's Chun photographing her felt creations of everything from fancy chocolate to hanging salami, Curtan's simple and beautiful ink-and-charcoal drawings of produce, or French design collective Brest Brest Brest's captivating collage work of food and black-and-white photography. Who's hungry?

Caren Alpert's postcards take a close look at food—literally. Just look at the microscopic surface of this fortune cookie.
The cards designed by Michele Humes are an ode to her favorite food: noodles.
Melinda Josie's take on the classic burger.
Mimi O Chun puts all other latte art to shame with this felt creation.
Naz Sahin Ozcan reminding us of all our favorite holidays. Never forget about National Whipped Cream Day.
A taste of Patricia Curtan's market-inspired imagery.
Wijnand Warendorf honoring the Dutch tradition of still life painting.

Curious Feast curated by Naz Sahin Ozcan is out now, $20, papress.com.

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