See What Happens When 700 Colored Mirrors Are Laid on a Church Floor

One artist is exploring the amazingly transformative qualities of colored mirrors in a new installation in an English church. Time to bathe in some beautiful light.

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We're used to seeing churches bathed in colored light, but in a new art installation at St. John's Church in Scunthorpe, England, it's not coming from where you might expect. Instead of stained glass windows, artist Liz West has covered the floors in hundreds of mirrors that reflect a spectrum across the walls, pillars, and ceiling of the 19th century church, illuminating otherwise unnoticed details of the neo-Gothic architecture.

At dusk, vivid dots of colored light dapple the space.
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Considering that the building is a former place of worship, West hopes viewers reactions to the installation, called Our Colour Reflection, range from spiritual to emotional, even physical. "Our understanding of color can only be realised through the presence of light," West says of the project, which involved two years of research and planning. "Viewers will each have their own perspectives and experiences drawn from the time of their visit and how they move through the space."

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The magnificent installation by day.

"I am trying to emphasize that while artificial light can be manipulated," West adds, "it can only, at best, replicate the dynamism, shifting mood, and changes in quality embodied in natural light." Commenting on the constant evolution of the work throughout the day, West has observed a variety of responses: One viewer described the work as stained glass that had fallen from the windows. Another said she felt like she was waiting for a rainbow to emerge.

More than 700 mirrors in 15 different colors are all set at different heights, creating varying projections on the ceilings and walls.

This heightened sensory awareness can tap into our psychological relationship to color. "The installation puts the audience at the fore," West explains. "There is an element of performance to the response."

The mirrors also reflect viewers and the architecture above.

Our Colour Reflection is on view at 20–21 Visual Arts Centre through June 25. For information on how to visit, see

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