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Now, sit on it. Bounce up and down a bit. Could that mattress use an upgrade? A case for updating the most important surface in your life.

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Have you tried to buy a mattress recently? It's an experience akin to buying a used car: chins are scratched, stares are blank, promises are false. Only, when you're buying a mattress, you also have to suffer the indignity of lying down on a surface untold numbers of people have sprawled on before you, perhaps with a significant other for extra awkwardness, always under the scrutiny of a man with two-day stubble and an ill-fitting suit, who is as willing to extoll jargon as he is to pull prices out of thin air.

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Such was the kind of unpalatable scene that inspired Sonno, a new mattress start-up based in Los Angeles that upends convention by offering an entirely pleasurable experience. In fact, setting up Sonno takes just four steps: carry the box into your bedroom, lay it on its side and cut it open, unroll it, and put it on your bed. If you don't have a bed, they make one too, but that's another story.

Sonno memory foam, that's included inside every mattress.
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But back to the upending of conventions part: while one side of a Sonno mattress (always hypoallergenic, always containing a five-layer foam system) is always medium firmness, the other can be either soft, medium, or firm. That means you can flip it for a different sleeping experience, or rotate it 180 degrees to avoid body impressions.

The whole thing is covered in a stretch knit fabric which can be removed and machine-washed and that, like every other material used in the thing, is sourced in America. The mattresses are also affordable: a queen will only run you $875 (a steal in the world of mattresses), and if you're worried about commitment you have 100 days to decide whether or not you want to keep it, or send it back free of charge. Sleep tight, friends.

For more information, see sonnobed.com. 

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