Not Your Childhood Motivational Posters

Rayo & Honey's simple pennants offer quotes and witticisms inspired by literature, hip-hop lyrics, and major cultural moments.

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We're inundated with so many affirmations from an early age, they start to sound a little empty—classroom motivational posters that tell us to shoot for the moon (and if we miss, etc.), Instagram images of sunsets captioned with a misattributed quote urging us to be "our best selves." But Roachele Negron, designer and founder of the brand Rayo & Honey, is out to inject a little meaning and power into positive sayings.

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She produces minimalist pennants bearing basic slogans in black felt lettering that pack a punch. Some are encouraging ("Get Shit Done," "Get Free"), some sound like poetry ("Rebel Mermaid," "Hoard Moonlight," "Eat Words Drink Stars"), some are funny ("Brush Yo Teeth," "Wash Yo Ass"), and many are meant to serve as a source of inspiration: "Black Girls Are Magic," "Bruja," "Carefree Black Boy/Girl," "Black Lives Matter."  

Be Brave, $30,
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"I grew up with affirmations my mother tucked into the frames of mirrors, taped on the inside of cabinet doors, and hung on the walls of my childhood home," Negron says. "I connected with the presence of those ever-encouraging words, but I never really felt like they were created with my cultural background—black and Puerto Rican—in mind."

Be Better Today, $30,

The pennants, then, are Negron's way of filling a void she's found in design that caters to black and Latino consumers. To that end, many of her pennants carry a pop culture or literary reference. Her first ever, which read "You Are Magic," was inspired by poet Marty McConnell's poem "Frida Kahlo to Marty McConnell," in which the poet imagines Kahlo saying to her, "you take / a lover who looks at you / like maybe you are magic."

Keep Ya Head Up, $30,
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Also currently available on Rayo & Honey is a pennant that takes inspiration from Nas's 1994 album Illmatic ("The World Is Yours"), and another from a Tupac song ("Keep Ya Head Up") dedicated to 15-year-old Latasha Harlins, whose death is generally considered one of the incidents leading up to the 1992 L.A. riots. These pennants aren't just moving, they memorialize cultural history.

Black Lives Matter, $30,
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"There's an awakening happening in interior design, as people of color seek out more options," Negron says. "They want interiors that speak to a cultural connection."

Rebel Mermaid, $30,
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Below, find more inspiring pennants from Rayo & Magic. Screenshot your favorite and make it your wallpaper!

Black Girls Are Magic, $30,
The World Is Yours, $30,
Bruja, $30,

Share these pennants with your friends to spread a little inspirational cheer.

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