9 Amazing Kickstarters That Need Your Help

Sometimes Kickstarter is more than just a place to fund the coolest new projects—it's also a platform for your latest DIY and design endeavors. Here are nine awesome campaigns that could help you customize everything from your furniture and lighting to your exercise routine.

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Build It

The very sleek Spyndi chair in one of its many forms.
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The Project: Spyndi chair

The Design: Inspired by the joints of the human spine, this chair is made up of sliding wooden pieces that attach to create the curvature of your choosing. The two angled segments, designed by Lithuanian furniture designer Mindaugas Zilionis, can be linked together to form chaise lounges, stools, armchairs, and side tables—along with shorter pieces to add an arm or headrest. The project has been nine years in the making, and the designers are so confident in their handiwork that they're already offering customers a lifetime warranty!

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Days Left to Fund: 17

Reward for Donating: For $1,125, you receive a Spyndi Original chair.


The jig can be reused to build any model of Bamboobee bike!

The Project: Bamboobee BIY Bike Kit

The Design: Bamboobee was born when founder Sunny Chuah embarked on a nine-month journey through Asia on a self-built bamboo bike. In 2011, he produced Bamboobee's first design: a handmade and affordable bamboo bike. Now he's taking the company to the next level with a model that you can build yourself in just five hours. And with the accompanying app, you can further customize and streamline the bike to your needs. Plus, it's the most affordable—and most easily assembled—DIY bike around.

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Days Left to Fund: 18

Reward for Donating: For $249, you receive a bike kit and a builder jig.


How will you build your Graphite shelves?

The Project: Graphite modular shelves

The Design: The honeycomb design might be ubiquitous these days, but that's the very reason why the designers behind Graphite have decided to capitalize on the popular shape. All you need is a screwdriver to assemble their modular, high-quality aluminum shelving; combine the various hexagonal pieces in whichever configuration you desire. Some ideas from Graphite: home storage, a shop window display shelf, even a set for fashion shoots!

Reward for Donating: For $177, you receive a set of three modules.

Days Left to Fund: 15


Customize It

Three creative ways to customize your Lampenwahl lights.
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The Project: Lampenwahl custom lighting

The Design: If you've ever been to one of those lighting studios with hundreds of fixtures hanging from the ceiling, you know that shopping for a new lighting setup can be intimidating. Lampenwahl aims to change that. Their sleek design allows you to customize your cable, shade, bulb, and socket with the aid of a streamlined online configurator. With the help of Lampenwahl, the days of stressful light fixture hunting may well be behind us.

Days Left to Fund: 9

Reward for Donating: For $28, you receive a pendant light.


A very sleek pen handcrafted by Matthew Devereaux.
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The Project: Custom wooden pens

The Design: Indonesian rosewood, curly maple, African blackwood—this line employs a variety of exotic woods in the manufacturing of its beautiful pens! Choose your material, finish, and pen tip, and designer Matthew Devereaux will make your writing utensil dreams come true.

Reward for Donating: For $31, you receive a slimline pen.

Days Left to Fund: 25


All the benefits of beekeeping, without all the bees!

The Project: Crowdfarming beekeeping

The Design: Love honey, but not interested in actually tending to the bees? Try Crowdfarming, the campaign from the Spanish farm Naranja del Carmen. How it works: adopt a beehive, choose which flowers the bees will pollinate, then have their honey delivered right to your door. Customized honey—a new frontier in agriculture.

Reward for Donating: For $45, you receive a small hive and the high mountain honey made by your bees.

Days Left to Fund: 43


Design It

Your very own patterns, woven into beautiful Jacquard designs.
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The Project: Wovns textiles

The Design: Ever dreamed of becoming a textile designer? With Wovns, you can make it happen; their platform allows you to digitally create your own patterned fabric, then connects you with U.S. textile manufacturers who will weave as little as a single yard of your design on their Jacquard looms. Create unique skirts, bags, scarves, and more could be easier than ever before.

Reward for Donating: For $40, you receive a yard of fabric of your own design.

Days Left to Fund: 24


A beautiful, personalized wooden bike.

The Project: 8.5 Telai Wooden Bike

The Design: Italian product and interior designer Alberto Podeschi has a passion for bikes, and he wants to share it. His beautiful wooden bikes are made entirely in Italy, customized especially for each buyer. That means you pick your frame dimensions, handlebar type, and a custom laser engraving. The options are endless.

Reward for Donating: For $983, you receive a customized bike.

Days Left to Fund: 56


Like temporary tattoos—for your wall!

The Project: Wallz Copenhagen custom art

The Design: Looking for a fun new craft project? Wallz could be the answer! The reusable tiles from the Danish designers behind the brand allow you to create custom designs right on your wall. Try their world map, panda, or brick wall patterns, or customize your own. If you get tired of the look, just change it up—the tiles can be used up to 10 times.

Reward for Donating: For $36, you receive a box of Wallz tiles.

Days Left to Fund: 13


Which campaign will you help fund? Tell your friends so they can get in on the design fun!

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