The Treehouse of Your Dreams

The Cocoon Tree lets you camp in style, high above that damp, cold ground.

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Perhaps you've dreamed of spending more time in the outdoors, but hate the thought of having to leave your soft, wonderful bed behind? If only there were a gorgeous orb you could hang from the trees, in which you could slumber to your heart's delight, nestled amidst the branches….

Wires hook onto Cocoon Tree for safe floating.
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Thanks to the good people of Cocoon Tree, such a thing now exists. The Cocoon Tree is a water-resistant, ventilated orb, 10 feet in diameter, in which you can simultaneously experience nature and some of the creature comforts of home, all above the ground. In short: it's a big, round bed in the sky, protected from the elements, and nothing has ever sounded cozier. It's even available in the Cocoon Splash model, which comes fully equipped with a shower and toilet.

As you can see, this is not your average tent...
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The company has also dedicated an entire section of their website to its search for potential collaborators in the glorious pursuit of building the world's first "cocoon village." Your calling awaits.

In Cocoon Tree, you're safe from the critters and bugs on the forest floor.
Cocoon Tree orbs are ultra-spacious. Some even fit a small bathroom!
Is a Cocoon Tree village in your future?

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