Casual Cool Meets Child's Play

A cheerful and spirited clothing line that can outfit your entire family? Yes, please! The Spanish brand Bobo Choses is taking over childrenswear and womenswear, one showstopping print at a time.

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You know that sense of excitement you feel when you stumble across a new clothing brand and every single pattern, color, and design just speaks to you? And then that heartbreaking moment when realize you've been fawning over a children's clothing line the whole time? And then the newfound hope when you see that they also have a women's line? Exhausting we know, but that's the emotional roller coaster we went on when we discovered Bobo Choses.

Picnic-perfect cups (plastic dinosaur not included).
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Based in Mataró, a city about thirty miles outside Barcelona, Bobo Choses is a Spanish brand that started in 2008 with a mission to encapsulate the magical creativity of children (judging by the adorable miniature clothes and the even more adorable miniature models, we'd say they've succeeded). Appropriately located in an old toy factory, the studio combines hand-illustrated prints with a wide variety of multi-colored fabrics to design collections that are imaginative with a playful sense of humor.

Pattern play at its finest—the crazier the combination the better!
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Lucky for us, the popularity of their delightful kidswear led them to launch a womenswear line in 2013, and their summer 2016 collection proves to be just as wonderful as the rest—inspired by artists like Matisse, Hockney, and Picasso. Now the only issue we're having is deciding if we'll be living in the David Dungarees or the Cocoon Dress this summer.

Check out their womenswear collection below, as well as their other vibrant lines!

David Dungarees, $101.
Art College Blouse, $67.
Matisse Flared Skirt, $67.
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Dada Cocoon Dress, $67.
David Bermudas, $79.
Thonet Sweatshirt, $79.
Veja Sneakers, $113.
Red Fantasy Socks, $21.
Babaà Tee, $159.

Bobo Choses also designs homeware—so if you're looking to stock up on brightly colored, fruit-themed dinnerware, keep scrolling!

Vincent Et Pablo Cushion, $56.
Matisse Notebook, $12.
Bananas Cup, $10.
Ananas Plate, $14.
Apples Towel, $14.
Pear Tenugui Hand Towel, $21.

And now their kids line—just because it's so cute we can't stop looking at it: 

Saddle Princess Bag, $101.
Sons + Daughters Sunglasses, $101.
Matisse Pockets Dress, $82.
Matisse Dress, $67.
Diamonds Vintage Swimsuit, $45.
Painters Straps Dress, $67.
Kid Veja Sneakers, $74.
Matisse Tote Bag, $56.
Patches, $17.

To see more of Bobo Choses lighthearted clothing and design, check out

From: Seventeen
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