16 Amazing Products That Will Transform Your Bathroom

Brushing your teeth, washing your face, and shaving can go from mundane tasks to fun rituals with the right bathroom accessories. We're talking about colorful brush holders, automatic soap pumps, and other items that will organize cramped spaces and add a cool factor to an otherwise forgettable room of the house. Decorate your space with the game-changing products below.

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On the Wall

Clear off some counter space by hanging a few essentials on the wall.

Good Grips Suction Razor Holder by OXO, $4, bedbathandbeyond.com.
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Ensure your razor is always within arm's reach, and keep it clean and dry when you're not using it.

Ring Soap and Peg, $26, sebastianbergne.com.
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Sure, this set-up looks pretty cool, but it's functional, too! The peg allows soap to fully dry after each use, which helps retain its shape and efficacy.

Hay Gym Coat Hook, $18, momastore.org.

Based on classic gym equipment, these rings by beloved Danish design brand Hay not only add welcome pops of color to any bathroom, but some delightfully unexpected forms, too.

Cool Containers

Replace boring plastic containers with ones that either make your life easier or make you smile (or both!).

Ivory Whale Soap Dish, $7, worldmarket.com.
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You can pick up your soap from a regular soap dish, or you can take it out of a little whale's mouth. Your move.

Cloud Catcher, $12, momastore.org.

Whether or not your head's in the clouds, your Q-tips should be. This little container is a fun, dreamy touch to any bathroom, but especially yours.

WaterFall Soap Saver by Trademark Home, $10, houzz.com.
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As much as we love a bar of soap, we don't love the fact that one side goes soft in a soap dish as it sits in a pool of water, getting more gross by the minute. This is the kind of smart (and cool-looking) piece that everyone you know will want to buy, too.

Shaving Soap & Enamel Shaving Bowl by Gentlemen's Hardware, $15, burkedecor.com.
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Shaving is a ritual to be savored and there are few better ways to do that than with an old-school enamel bowl. A rich, sandalwood-scented soap completes the package.

Next-Level Dispensers

Like a product but not enamored with its packaging? Choose your own!

Good Grips Mouthwash Dispenser by OXO, $20, bedbathandbeyond.com.

Of all products, it's perhaps mouthwash that traditionally comes in the most unappealing packaging. This bottle not only looks good, it dispenses just the right volume of liquid every time!

Stoneware Perfume Bottle, $13, hm.com.
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Add a bit of vintage flair to your bathroom with a perfume bottle that evokes Old Hollywood glamour. Just pour in your signature scent and spritz away to your heart's content.

Otto Automatic Soap Pump, $30, umbra.com.

A sensor-activated soap pump not only makes everything more hygienic, it will impress and encourage those who are sometimes a little lazy in the hand-washing department.

Perfect Circles

These round products will change the way you store your everyday objects—like toothbrushes, tissues, and dryers—while taking up as little space as possible.

Porcelain Toothbrush Stand, $6, muji.us.

This ring is really tiny (it's about one by one-and-a-half inches) and still somehow does a game-changing job. Don't think too much about how this works, but do take time to appreciate the fact that its open base keeps bacteria and mold from building up. You won't spend a better $6 this year.

Toro Tissue Ring, $20, cb2.com.
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If you think tissue holders are kind of dorky, invest in this minimalist ring, which serves the same function as the traditional box, and looks much cooler.

Over-the-Cabinet Hair Dryer Caddy, $20, urbanoutfitters.com.
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Fact: When your hair dryer has a home, the room will look infinitely tidier.


Don't want to have to buy a bunch of different holders? These are the gems that will let you keep your goods in one place.

Grassy Organizer, $9, umbra.com.

Keep your toothbrush, eye cream, toothpaste, and razor tucked into this flexible patch of silicone grass. Because why wouldn't you?

Brass Makeup-Brush Holder, $38, anthropologie.com.

Instead of constantly digging in cramped bags in search of the right brush, keep things organized with a stand that could really hold just about any slender tool.

Submarino Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Set by Hector Serrano for Seletti, $90, allmodern.com.

Pretend that your grooming products and tools are very important pieces of cargo aboard this mini-submarine—come on, it'll be fun!

Mediterraneo by LPWK, $145, alessi.com.

Toss the items you use most into this elegant, mirrored catch-all and they'll always be at the ready. (Tip: It wouldn't make a terrible candle votive either!)

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