Give Your Stationery a Personal Touch

If you're putting in the effort to send out actual real-life mail, you should be sending out the best of the best. Here's how to do that.

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No one has ever received a handwritten letter thanking them for something, congratulating them, or wishing them happy birthday, and been sad about it. The more technologically dependent we get, the more impressive old-fashioned gestures become. Make someone's day with a thoughtful "just saying hello" letter—but make sure you're sending it out on a piece of paper with your portrait at the top, in an envelope with fancy hand-lettered script, and a stamp that has your initials on it. Go big or go home.

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Get It Initialed

Personalized Stationery, price upon request,
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Whether you want your stationery stamped, gilded, specially milled, or beautifully monogrammed, Smythson offers just about every option under the customizing sun.

Classic Black Monogram, $32 for 6,

Keep it simple and classy with one bold initial—printed by hand using antique machinery—at the top of each card.

Get It Stamped

Personalized Postage Stamp in Country Setting: Rose, $28 for 20,
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You might not have known you can customize postage stamps—but you can and you know now!

American Vintage Small Postage Stamp, $46 for 40 stamps,

Impress your grandparents by having your name up in the corner of the envelope—fully licensed by the United States Postal Service, of course.

Get It Customized

Rose Floral Ikat in White by Oscar de la Renta, $1.59 each,

"Oh, this old thing? It's Oscar de la Renta." —You, when you send people this card.

Established, price upon request,
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Have your full name front and center of each note you send out with this sophisticated, navy-stripe print.

Get It Inked

Open Hand Address Stamp, $52,
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Have a million invitations to send out? Save yourself from hand cramps with a return-address stamp—you don't have to write them all out yourself!

Custom Return-Address Rubber Stamp by Market House Studio, $35,

What's more delightful than a mason jar full of flowers with your address on it? Not a lot, we'll tell you that.

Get It Addressed

Custom Envelope Addressing, $2.50,
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Not the biggest fan of your own handwriting? Then have someone else do it! Take advantage of calligraphic addresses for surprise parties, sleepover invitations, bridal showers—you name it.

Envelope Calligraphy by Laura Hooper, price upon request,

Laura Hooper adorns, by hand, every individual envelope with her stunning scripted lettering. Your guests will be extra impressed when they receive your invite (we won't tell anyone the handwriting isn't yours if you don't).

Get It Illustrated

Custom Portraits, $85 for 25,

Nothing says "put together" like owning stationery with your own miniature portrait at the top. Show your friends you have adulthood on lock with this uber-personalized stationery.

Bespoke Stationery by KT Smail, price upon request,
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KT Smail makes customized illustrations so pretty you'll want to frame them and put them up on your wall rather than send them out to your friends. But as they say: If you love something, let it go.

Get It Photographed

Day Made Thank You Card, $1.40 each,
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Immortalize favorite memories by adding a cherished photo to your cards. Thanking someone for a trip of a lifetime? Feature a moment from the getaway for added effect.

Elegant Ever After Address Label, $10, for 24

Guarantee positive RSVPs with labels personalized with your address and your lovely face.

Get It Gilded

Masked Wash Foil-Stamped Stationery, $65 for 25,

Gold makes everything better, so add a metallic border for a flashy hello.

Custom Monogram S Faux Gold Foil, $1 each,

Dazzle them with a giant, golden initial so they know who's sending out these impressively flamboyant cards.

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