The Only Thing Better Than Blu Dot Furniture is Blu Dot Furniture with Animals

A visit to the showroom of cult-favorite furniture company Blu Dot to check out its new collection, with a few friends in tow.

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In a sea of expensive European furniture brands, Minnesota-based company Blu Dot stands out like a squirrel in a tree full of chipmunks. For one, the name is easy to pronounce: there's no wondering about any inflections or pesky accents. The moniker is as minimal, and as unconventional, as its furniture: there's the iconic, Pinterest-ready Real Good Chair; the Bonnie Sofa, which pairs with a Clyde Couch to make a sectional; and the nesting 100% Trays. Mid-century influences abound, but so does a sense of humor—missing from most contemporary furniture design—with striking modern updates in the form of bold colors, slick materials, and unexpected design elements. And the price point is reasonable! (You may need the spare cash for pet food). It was a natural choice to put some adoptable animals on key pieces from their new collection, because everything is better with an animal on top.

Simon is getting really good at this whole 'sit' and 'stay' thing. Or maybe he just likes the felt seat pad.
Roger, Simon, and Kaleb inspect Blu Dot's Bonnie sofa.
Peanut chose the most iconic iteration—copper—of the Real Good Chair for her portrait. She's vying for a spot on your 'I Want for My Home' Pinterest board. Make the dream a reality, people.
Tracey Stewart hasn't quite figured out if she'd rather sleep on the Nook Bed or just in the Series 11 nightstand—the Bender Table lamp playfully echoes the leporine arc of her ears.
'I love the walnut joinery on the Stilt Table lamp,' says Jeffery while he keeps it 100 with the 100% Trays.
Colorful wire Scamp Tables with smoked glass and marble tops? Good for living rooms, better for exploring. Right, Peanut?
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You can adopt Roger, Simon, Kaleb, Peanut, Jeffrey, or Tracey Stewart from the Humane Society of New York. Call (212) 752-4842 for more details. If the line is busy, just keep calling!

Bonnie Couch, $1,999; Real Good Chairs, $149–$399; Nook Bed, $1,299–$1,699; Series 11 Nightstand, $699; Bender Table Lamp, $299; Stilt Table Lamp, $299; 100% Trays, $79; Scamp Tables $179–$349; all

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