Stella Baggott is the Ace of Vases

If you're that person who treats each of your plants like a person, Stella Baggott's heartwarming ceramics are for you.

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We're all familiar with those tickets to must-see concerts and pieces from fashion collaborations that sell out within minutes of release. Stella Baggott's brand Atelier Stella is the pottery version of that. Since she started her Etsy shop in 2012, she literally hasn't been able to keep up with the relentless demand for her whimsical ceramics.

Rainbow Ridge Planter with Legs
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To ready her rabid fan base, Baggott sends out a newsletter announcing when her newest batch of dreamy-eyed, placid-faced pots will hit. Within moments, they're all spoken for. "It's crazy and amazing at the same time!" says the Brighton, England-based artist. It all started with an obsession with Scandinavian ceramic artist Bjørn Wiinblad's head vases. "I was constantly trying to buy one on eBay to no avail," says Baggott, "so I started making 1970s-inspired sunburst tiles with faces, which were lovely but kept cracking in the kiln. So I tried the faces on vases."

Lady Bud Vase
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Baggot, who used to be a children's book illustrator, now creates a variety of items—planters, pots, bowls, mobiles—all featuring variations of her peaceful, smiling faces. "I have always had an interest in the cute stuff," she says. "But as I grow up, I want a more sophisticated version." If a serenely smiling lady vase filled with lovely wildflowers isn't the perfect example of "grown-up cute," then we don't know what is.

From top: Small Pot, $50; Lady Vase, $180; Chalice Vase, $120; Small Pot, $45; Tall Thin Chalice Vase, $150; Tripod Pot, $100; Rainbow Ridge Planter with Legs, $136; Lady Bud Vase, $113; all Atelier Stella.

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