Let Iris Apfel Emojis Express Your Fashion Feelings

The fashion icon has blessed us with the rosé emoji we all deserve. Here, we present some instances in which they may come in handy.

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Nonagenarian fashion icon Iris Apfel has already infiltrated our closets (with her googly eye-studded HSN jewelry collection) and our laptops (with her documentary, Iris), and now she's coming for our phones. In advance of her mod-inspired "Iris Meets INC" clothing collab, launching at Macy's this September, Apfel has released a collection of emojis.

Read on to find out where to download them and how to casually slip them into text messages.

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"That's so interesting. Please. Tell me more. No, really."

Iris's unamused, impenetrable stare says it all.
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"Really feeling myself today."

For when the hair flip emoji doesn't adequately illustrate how amazing you look.

Will you accept this rosé?

Useful for making very specific happy-hour plans.

"Show me the receipts."

The glasses are on. You mean business.

"Picking up coffee! Want anything?"

You know the answer to this question.

"On my way!"

Or, you know, just about to get out of bed. We won't tell anyone.

Download the rest of Iris Apfel's emojis for free today at the Apple App and Google Play stores.

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