Meet the Artist Who Pranked the Fashion World

Two years ago, Canada-born, New York-based artist Chloe Wise made sculptures that looked like bags that looked like bread, with famous designer logos. These "Bread Bags" confused a lot of people, delighted even more, and established Wise as a talented (and extremely funny) new artist. Come hang with the painter and sculptor in her Brooklyn studio!

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Brooklyn-based artist Chloe Wise and her ultra-decadent pasta sculptures, made from plastic and resin. They're not edible, but they should be.
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Daily Routine: "Usually I stop to get a coffee, or a smoothie, or a bunch of water. I get to the studio, hydrate, start playing music, answer emails. Then I get straight into wherever I left off the night before, either painting in one room, or doing sculpture in the other. Sometimes I have to have a dance break and blast Future and Drake and just to get it out of my system, and then I'll keep painting. I usually work from about 11 or noon until midnight. However late my friends are willing to wait for me to have dinner with them."

"There are certain people who, when I walk away, I think, 'Oh shit, I have to go paint that person.'"

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What's Playing in the Studio: "I've been listening to a lot of synthy '80s stuff. A lot of extended Depeche Mode mixes. A lot of William Onyeabor—Nigerian music from the '70s, which is really fun music to paint to. If I'm painting something gestural, I'll play rap or I'll play Young Thug."

Though she's moved on from "Bread Bags," Wise is still into a carb-based art diet, creating sculptures of pasta that look like they're dripping with alfredo sauce.

Not Just the Bread-Bag Girl: "After [the bread bags] I got a lot of visibility. I did some solo shows of that body of work, and now I'm not making it anymore. I never took sculpture in school, I only took painting. I'm first and foremost a painter. My sculptures are effectively paintings because they're painted surfaces. I never really want to be compartmentalized."

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suit that I've been carrying with me from apartment to apartment since I left my parent's house."" loc="C" share="true" expand="true" size="M"]

How She Picks Her Subjects: "I look at people's faces while I'm talking to them, and I will kind of complete a painting in my head, just outlining their eyes and nose while talking. I decide that I'm inspired by their features or something. There are certain people who, when I walk away, I think, 'Oh shit, I have to go paint that person.' I feel like I'm really lucky to be surrounded by really wonderful, beautiful people. I constantly want to pay homage to them in by capturing them in a painting."

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Last Three Google Searches: "Bulk-item disposal in New York, because I'm moving apartments. A Valentino couture dress that I want to wear to something at Frieze London. Manet and Bosch shower curtains."

"I buy mascara often, because I love mascara. I'm not trying to be punk about buying my mascara, I'm not going to buy artisanal mascara."

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Last Embarrassing Google search: "The other day people from my gallery were here, and the last thing I had Googled was 'dungeon sex swing,' because I was doing research."

Always up for a dare, Wise put on Cinderella gloves, a tiny cowboy hat, and held bags used to create her "Bread Bags" series, then sent a selfie without comment to a friend.

New Obsession: "Whenever I see commercials now, I'm like, 'Is this crazy, amazing art? Oh, it's just a commercial.' Marketing targets quirky [people] now, like, 'You're funny and weird, and so are all of your friends. You're not into normal stuff. This is weird, like you!' The commodification of individuality is now how people market to our demographic."

Feelings About Mascara: "I buy mascara often, because I love mascara. I'm not trying to be punk about buying my mascara, I'm not going to buy artisanal mascara. But when you look at it in the drugstore aisle, at the end of the day, mascaras are all very, very similar. The words they're using are the same, over and over again: 'dramatic,' 'bold,' 'long,' 'volume.'"

Last Thing She Lied About: "I had a mover move my bed yesterday from one apartment to another. He was taking so long, so I was like, 'We really have to hurry up. I have to be at a baby shower.' Really, I just wanted to go have sushi with my best friends. That's not an interesting lie though."

Wise will sometimes begin up to ten paintings and drawings in a day. In the front room of her studio are portraits of friends, most holding food of some kind.

Carbo-load on more sculpture and painting by Chloe Wise, at Her first monograph will be published in September by her two galleries, Sebastien Bertrand (Switzerland) and Division (Canada), featuring work from her solo shows, process shots, and film stills from her videos.

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