10 Artists to Watch from NADA Art Fair

There's no doubt that art fairs can be intimidating, but that's why we love NADA. The fair from New Art Dealers Alliance is full of young (and friendly!) gallerists eager to talk to you even if you're not in a suit or wearing designer shoes. And, as one of the most approachable and affordable fairs of New York City's Art Week, it also has an impressive showing of new talent. We scoured the booths and came back with these 10 artists to put on your radar.

NADA Art Fair, in New York City, closes today. To learn more about the organization, see newartdealers.org.

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Artist: Ian James (b. 1981)

Based In: Los Angeles, CA

Represented By: Ltd Los Angeles

What to Know: A trained photographer, Ian James juxtaposes various crops of his works—in one, a close-up of a generic-looking medical procedure set against a close-up of marble—confusing the creative with stock imagery. Featuring materials such as hair gel and including objects such as a Glade air freshener, a wind chime, and ballpoint pens placed on a shelf in the middle of one work, the images present a layered commentary on cultural appropriation.

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Artist: Alex Chitty (b. 1979)

Based In: Chicago, IL

Represented By: Patron Gallery, Chicago

What to Know: Alex Chitty began her career as an artist in a college biology lab. She still collects and documents information, except it's no longer of the living variety. Her still-life sculptures often find visual relationships between objects (for example, she pairs a speckled espresso cup and a rock with a similar pattern), suggesting themes of domesticity and design, of objects made important because they're put on display.

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Artist: Guillermo Faivovich (b. 1977) and Nicolás Goldberg (b. 1978)

Based In: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Represented By: Páramo, Guadalajara, Mexico

What to Know: This artist duo is predominantly concerned with the Campo del Cielo meteorites that hit Argentina 4,000 to 6,000 years ago. The artists are responsible for bringing together El Taco—a piece of this meteorite which was split in half, one being shown at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and one in the Planetarium in Buenos Aires—at their 2013 exhibition for Documenta. Now, they're showing experimental images of the meteorite taken through a microscope. The works ask us to consider what else is unknown in nature, but they're also colorful and pretty to look at

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Artist: Rachel Rossin (b. 1987)

Based In: New York, NY

Represented By: Signal, Brooklyn, NY

What to Know: Is the future of painting in virtual reality? Artist Rachel Rossin thinks so! In her latest works, viewers wear VR goggles and watch as her paintings come to life in a 360-degree, digitally painted environment. Up next, the artist will venture into augmented reality!

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Artist: Timo Seber (b. 1984)

Based In: Berlin, Germany

Represented By: Schmidt & Handrup, Cologne, Germany

What to Know: Inspired by video game culture, German artist Timo Seber examines his fascination with these digital, utopian worlds. The works hinge on "freemium" online games where you can begin playing for free, but must pay a small fee in order to continue. Including other imagery, such as graphics from South Park and the kind of hemp ropes often found in school gyms, Seber hints at the currency of playing.

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Artist: Derek Sullivan (b. 1976)

Based In: Toronto, Canada

Represented By: Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran, Montreal, Canada

What to Know: Recently shortlisted for the Sobey Art Award (Canada's largest prize for young artists), Derek Sullivan is most definitely one to watch. Playing with genre by combining drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and painting, the artist calls his works' authorship into question. One of his drawings is even meant to emulate posters you might have had in your childhood bedroom!

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Artist: Una Knox (b. 1976)

Based In: London, U.K.

Represented By: Or Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

What to Know: Una Knox's research-based photography is hard to look away from, and in capturing familiar spaces—architecture and interiors—she offsets reality with her unique process. Take her 2012 work, "Never odd or even," on view at NADA and shot inside a museum over three frames. In it, Knox blurs space and time: visitors who only stood for one of the three frames that make up the work, appear as colorful shadows, calling into question mortality and the human eye.

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Artist: Sarah Faux (b. 1986)

Based In: Queens, NY

Represented By: Stems Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

What to Know: The subtly figurative paintings of Sarah Faux explore themes of sexuality and the human body. Alienating specific body parts within colorful abstractions, the works explore both human connections and internal and individual sensations.

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Artist: Joe Fyfe (b. 1952)

Based In: New York, NY

Represented By: Galerie Christian Lethert, Cologne, Germany

What to Know: OK, so Joe Fyfe isn't exactly what you'd call a young artist, but his work is just starting to gain traction in the United States—plus, he was one of our favorite artists at the fair. Fyfe has been exhibiting internationally since the 1980s, as well as curating and lecturing around New York throughout his career. His abstract works, which use found materials that are often of personal significance (one work includes wood that served as a floorboard in his father's home), delicately weave an intimate visual narrative with a masterful command of the craft at hand, whether it's collage, painting, or sculpture.

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