The Classic Polaroid, Revamped

Impossible Project's recently launched I-1 camera brings together the best of both worlds: the tangibility of analog film, and the convenience of digital technology. Check out the engineering that makes this souped-up Polaroid so great—and, get the lowdown on the other instant cameras you should probably take a look at.

Just when you thought the photography world had abandoned instant film entirely, the Impossible Project drops a Polaroid camera for the digital generation. And, really, we should've seen it coming. Back in 2008, the company salvaged the contents of the Polaroid factory in Enschede, Holland, after the failing corporation ceased production, and it has also been refurbishing the old cameras ever since.

"We've been dreaming of our own camera since day one," says Impossible Project CEO Oskar Smolokowski. "When designing this camera, we didn't want to rely on nostalgia—we believe an instant camera rightfully belongs in 2016." But for the Impossible Project's I-1 to be viable in our day and age, it had to come out of the gates swinging with technology impressive enough to woo citizens of the digital era. And it has.

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While the release of this new model is a major win for vintage Polaroid fans, there are other instant cameras keeping the analog dream alive, too. Next up: see tips for getting the best instant shots.

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Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

The ability to easily control so many settings on the Neo Classic by Instax makes it a great choice for photographers of all skill levels. First, the internal light sensor automatically does the hard part for you, which is choosing the right shutter speed and flash strength. Then, the camera's various modes enable the best capture based on your setting: Party Mode for shooting the subject while still illuminating the background; Kids Mode for snapping all fast-moving targets; Landscape to focus on a subject far in the distance; Macro Mode for capturing close-up details.

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Lomo'Instant Sanremo

The Lomo'Instant Sanremo is more than just its retro brown detailing—in fact, it boasts the largest range of aperture settings in the instant photography world. The model's advanced lens system allows for fun, light-streaked shots courtesy of the long-exposure setting; users can combine numerous shots in one frame; blue, red, purple, and yellow color gels are available to add over your flash; and there's also a tiny mirror to the left of the lens that makes selfies an option, too.

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Land Cameras Deluxe Model

Since 2010, Seattle-based Land Cameras has been doing their part to keep the medium of instant photography alive by selling hand-restored Polaroid cameras. They offer a Deluxe Model, which builds upon the vintage Polaroid camera at its core, but features upgrades like a rechargeable battery system, and an altered flash that will fire in synchrony with an external, electronic flash unit.

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