Next-Level Beach Chairs to Love

We found 10 fun beach chairs to help you turn up your beach style. Here we go!

Putting together a beach day is a process: you need sunscreen, a clean towel, snacks, a good sunhat, maybe an umbrella. But odds are you're overlooking one key element: the beach chair. The truth is, if you're sitting on a sandy towel all day, your beach day can only go so far.

These 10 bright and fun chairs could be just the missing accessory that will take this season's seaside lounging to the next level. Which one's your favorite?

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Hawaii is basically heaven, so why not bring a little bit of it to whichever beach paradise you'll be frequenting this summer? And if that beach is in Hawaii? Well then, you're living the dream.

Maui Floral Deckchair, $74,
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More traditional beachgoers will love this classic striped option—and it will never go out of style!

Classic Beach Folding Chair, $249,
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Aficionados of graphic design will love this chair's zigzag waves—they're evocative of the real thing!

Beach Seat Rockingham, $65,
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Maybe you're more into land animals than sea creatures. Why not bring your favorite bird friends along to the beach with you? Who cares if they're not on theme!

Flora And Fauna Sorbet Royal Horticultural Society DeckChair, $145,
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When it comes to beach chairs printed with aerial photography, make sure yours is inspiring, escapist, and beautiful, please.

Art Print Deckchair Life's a Beach by Smart Deco, $138,
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The ultimate lounger is one that you can carry with you and unfold whenever you need it.

Vibe Beach Chair by Picnic Time, $43,
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We love this chair's classic design paired with the sling's delightful motif—after all, it wouldn't be the beach without a little coral.

Sling Chair in Washed Coral Captiva, $395,
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It's easy to lose sight of your beach chair after a swim, but this one's definitely hard to miss. Kaleidoscope dreams or what?

Ink Radius Deckchair by Decasa Limited Editions, $319,
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Why not bring the '70s trend to the beach with you? These psychedelic flowers will make any seaside trip just a little bit groovier.

Wideboy Printed Cotton PCFP, $193,
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At all costs, avoid actually sitting on a jellyfish, but what's not to love about a cute, printed one?

Art Print Deckchair Ultraviolet Jellyfish by Smart Deco, $138,

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