Pool Party Showstoppers

The best way to make a splash (sorry) at your next pool party is to toss out last year's swan and upgrade to one of these cooler floaties instead. Don't be surprised if it turns into your favorite summer accessory.

We're willing to bet there will be a time in the very near future when you'll be taking full advantage of the warm weather and finding the nearest body of water to jump straight into. When that time comes, you'll want to have the best possible floatie by your side. Or underneath you, in fact. Consider this your treasure map to social media gold.

The Novelty Floatie Roll Call

Now, to find that pool…

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We can't stress this enough: the swan float is out! But if you want to keep the bird theme going, check out this toucan, which comes designed in that same classic style for comfortable lounging. Plus it comes with a puncture repair kit, for when things get a little too rowdy.

Inflatable Toucan, $70, sunnylife.com.
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The world is your oyster and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Prove it by being a major baller on this bivalve-shaped floating castle from Tokyo.

Pucapuca Sea Shell Float, $227, pucapuca.info.com.
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You don't exactly have a lot of surface area with these logs, but that's because these floaties aim to offer something different: They're made for an American Gladiators-style pool game! Each set comes with two rafts and two oars. Have at it.

Joust Pool Float Game, $30, urbanoutfitters.com.
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With this inflatable skull design by Swimline, you can spend the summer preparing for Día de los Muertos in style. The welded vinyl also guarantees you'll be floating comfortably all the while (with a margarita in hand, of course).

Inflatable Sugar Skull by Swimline, $25, hayneedle.com.
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Nothing says "ultimate relaxation" like enjoying a drink straight out of a pineapple—and, naturally, lounging on a pineapple floatie while you're at it.

Pineapple Float by Sunnylife, $60, bando.com.
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Levitating on an ice cream sandwich sounds like a dream we had once, and, apparently, BigMouth, Inc. is in the business of making dreams come true. Their "Gigantic Ice Cream Sandwich Float" inflates to be over six feet long, so tell everyone in the pool to make room.

Gigantic Ice Cream Sandwich Float by BigMouth, Inc., $35, zumiez.com.
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Why choose just one floatie when you can have one for each summer holiday? We're scooping up this blue, white, and red rocket pop specifically for Fourth of July.

Rocket Pop Pool Float, $25, kotulas.com.
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We love all of these floaties equally, but this one certainly wins for cutest graphics. How can you pass up that smile?

Jumbo Happy Heart Floatie, $18, shoppigment.com.
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We can't think of anything we'd like to sunbathe on while forgetting our worries more than a giant red gummy bear.

Red Gummy Bear Pool Float by BigMouth, Inc., $24, dollskill.com.
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Meet the unicorn of novelty pool floaties: a literal rainbow unicorn.

Rainbow Unicorn Float, $99, funboy.com.
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