Pop Culture Invasion: Beverly Hills Wallpaper

That one wallpaper you see everywhere: explained, admired, and riffed upon.

Not many wallpapers can claim iconic status, but if one gets the honor it undoubtedly goes to the Beverly Hills Hotel's massive banana-leaf print. The C.W. Stockwell design, copied from a Don Loper fabric, first adorned the hotel's walls in 1949: each leaf was hand cut and individually applied. Today the hallways boast 5½ miles of the distinctive pattern, which has since gone on to find glory on the set of The Golden Girls, a Friends episode, and countless fashion editorials.

Due to its cool retro vibe and soothing color palette, chances are you can find variations on the theme at your local trendy bar or in the bathroom of your superwealthy friend's apartment. Since the tropical plant is having a bit of a moment, we thought we'd round up a few similar options for those who love good greenery, but want to stray a bit from the beaten path.

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Who: House of Hackney

What: Palmeral Wallpaper

How Much: $223/roll

Taking inspiration from an obscure location has never looked better. This print pays homage to Loddiges, one of the world's largest nurseries during the Georgian era, and showcases the classic palm leaf with a heavy Art Deco vibe. But hey, why stop at the walls? House of Hackney also specializes in textiles, so order a bolt of the same pattern and you can sit pretty in a dress on a couch next to a lampshade that all perfectly match the room. Leave no surface unleafed.

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Who: Witch and Watchman

What: Amazonia Light Wallpaper

How Much: $361/roll

Adventuring a little deeper and darker into the foliage, the Witch and Watchman print features a mixture of plants, multiple feathered friends, and a lemur (oh my!).

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Who: Timorous Beasties

What: Merian Palm Wallpaper

How Much: $190/meter

The most colorful interpretation of the lot, this fantastical wash of fauna and florals brings out a level of playfulness the others can't quite match. The Glasgow-based company also has a nifty virtual-room feature on its site where you can create your own horticultural dreamscape by picking out the patterns for everything from the drapes on the windows to the pillows on the couch.

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Who: Grow House Grow

What: Ms. Treat Wallpaper

How Much: $180/roll

Who doesn't love a wallpaper with a good story behind it? This print was inspired by naturalist Mary Treat, who worked with Charles Darwin to study carnivorous plants. Look closely at this illustrated meat-eating specimen, and you might spot a creepy crawler or two. (Not for the skittish!)

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Who: Flat Vernacular

What: Burma Wallpaper

How Much: $200/roll

Leaving the California-cool vibes behind and heading to a slightly hotter climate, this palette of bright greens and acid yellows is less "let's sip martinis by the hotel pool" and more "let's go explore a jungle."

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Who: Make Like

What: Pointy Wallpaper

How Much: $150/roll

If you love a good potted plant but can never quite seem to remember to water it, chances are you own a succulent. Strengthen that prickly bond with this delicately illustrated cactus print, hand screen-printed with water-based inks on recyclable paper. Pretty and good for the environment? Win-win.

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