15 Ways To Add Instant Cheer To Your Room

Brighten up your windowsills, dresser, and bedside table with some cool, fun, beautiful planters—at every price range!

Little succulents, medium-sized spider plants, and five-foot-tall fiddle-leaf fig trees all have the power to transform a space. But a cute cacti that lives in the dirty plastic pot you bought it in? Not so charming. Swapping out dull pots for colorful, minimal, or straight-up trippy planters will take your room from boring to polished in less time than it will take you to water them.

Sleek swirls! Silly squiggles! Funny faces! Ready to upgrade your space? Do it for the plants...and yourself.

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Small Seeing Eye Vessel by Workday Handmade, $58, workadayhandmade.com.

Archromo Ceramic Planter by Light and Ladder, $50, lightandladder.com.

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Weirdo Vase No. 1 by Jacqueline Klassen, $50, mooreaseal.com.

Maui Wowie Pat by Universal Isaac, $65, universalisaac.com.

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Faceted Concrete Planter by Spacio Terreno, $30, stevenalan.com.

Indigo Triangle Planter by Small Spells, $65, lunaandbirch.com.

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Raw Mark Planter by Recreation Center, $70, recreationcenter.com.

Wacky Planter by Btw Ceramics, $76, btwceramics.com.

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Squiggler by Milo Made, $28, tictail.com.


Aspect Planter by Lindsey Hampton, $120, lindseyhampton.com.

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