Take Your Coffee Game To the Next Level

There's more than one way to brew a beautiful cup of coffee.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up? We're guessing you beeline straight to your morning cup of coffee before much else. And if you're taking our advice on skipping the lines at your local coffee shop—you only have one recourse: to brew your perfect cup at home, yourself.

We've tracked down the very best options for taking your coffee-making skills to the next level. Remember: don't be intimidated. The beauty of coffee technology—yes, that's a thing—is that it's designed to make everything easier!

Check out all the gadgetry you could ever wish for, below.

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The Kettle, Reinvented

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle by Fellow, $69, fellowproducts.com.

If you're opting to go the pour-over route, investing in a great kettle is the first step to making coffee at home. There's a multitude of kettles on the market—from the cutesy grandma variety, to the more modern ones. This Stagg Pour-Over Kettle by Fellow is definitely in the latter category, and it goes the extra mile with additional functionality features, like a built-in thermometer and a gooseneck spout to help with precise pouring.

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The Standard Coffee Maker Mastered

Eight by Ratio Coffee, $570, ratiocoffee.com.

There's no denying how great Ratio's Eighth Edition Coffee Machine will look on your kitchen countertop—just take a peek at that hand-blown glass, specialty metals, and wood finishing. Naturally, there's also impressive technology at play which sets this automatic coffee maker apart. By simply hitting the "Brew" button, the machine draws on the ideal amount of water-to-grounds ratio, then times when the ground beans have bloomed (released their gas after hot water hits), before letting you know your perfect cup of coffee awaits.

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The Pour-Over Perfected

Theo Coffee Maker by Stelton, $70, lumens.com.

The pour-over technique is a more meticulous process than the standard drip machine, but some people swear it's the best way to bring out coffee's flavor. Once you get the rhythm down—placing ground coffee into the filter, pouring in half the hot water, knowing when the coffee's bloomed, adding more water—you'll want the sleekest pour-over to get the job done. Stelton's stoneware Theo Coffee Maker fits the bill with its matte black finish, bamboo lid for keeping your coffee warm, and silicone grip for safe pouring.

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The Cold Brew Machine

Cold Bruer by Bruer, $80, bruer.co.

Not many people know making cold brew at home is an option—let alone an easy one. And while you can't exactly whip it up on the fly, you can get the Cold Bruer going the night before. Doesn't waking up to a cup of coffee shop-grade, naturally smooth cold brew sound like the ideal way to start any summer morning?

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The Home Coffee Roaster

Home Roaster by Ikawa, prices vary, ikawacoffee.com.

So you've got the grinder, you've got your machine of choice, what's next? Have you considered roasting your own beans at home? Ikawa is the world's first digital micro-roaster—and it can be operated by your smartphone, naturally. While the Ikawa might be more of an aspirational buy for the novice, coffee aficionados should certainly be intrigued by taking control of the whole coffee process from the very beginning. Plus, you can really show up your barista with this one.

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The Luxe Coffee Filter

Gold Coffee Filter by Coffee Supreme, $39, coffeesupremeshop.com.

Having a 24-carat gold-plated coffee filter might seem excessive, but the micro-foil metal filter actually has a practical use: it allows coffee to develop its full flavor without altering the taste during the filtration process. Coffee experts describe the final result as brighter, livelier, and more complex. It's also an eco-friendlier option than disposable filters.

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The Full Coffee Shop Effect

Impressa A9 by Jura, $1,800, surlatable.com.

Jura's Impressa A9 is like having an entire coffee shop at your fingertips. Its touchscreen display is incredibly intuitive, and it's the easiest way to get 12 different styles of specialty coffee at home. Need a macchiato on the fly? How about two? It's all one tap of a screen away.

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