There's Literally Never Been an Art Fair Like This

This is what happens when zine fairs finally start speaking to artists of color.

"I started the fair as a means to create a community of black and PoC creatives working in print mediums," says artist Devin N Morris, founder of the Brown Paper Zine Fair. "The lack of representation within mainstream fair environments is shocking and unfounded."

And why did he specifically choose to focus on zines? "Zines are easy to make," says Morris, "and their content helps sustain many small and large communities where the publications reach. It was also a great way to provide a platform for young artists and zine-makers, as every table was asked to invite new makers to their tables."

Here, a look at some of our favorite zines offered at the fair, as described by the artists behind them.

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The Zine: L'Enchanteur

The Gist: "The creative fruit of identical twin designers, Dynasty and Soull Ogun, L'Enchanteur is a luxury concept brand inspired by the sciences, color theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, magic, and fairy tales."

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The Zine: 3 Dot Zine

The Gist: "An 18-page zine of collage imagery created by artist (and fair founder) Devin N Morris, 3 Dot Zine is currently in its third issue and features a plethora of artists, writers, and creatives from America, London, Brazil, and Canada."

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The Zine: Maroon World

The Gist: "Ten individual editorials comprise the first issue of Maroon World. There is no text in the zine, and it was released in December."

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The Zine: Rushes by Mohammed Fayaz  

The Gist: "Mohammed Fayaz is a visual artist, and one-quarter of the party-throwing collective, Papi Juice. Fayaz will be selling prints at the fair."

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The Zine: KH Zine Special Edition by Kevin Harry  

The Gist: "The beauty of the Afro and all its variations: 30 pages and 27 photos. Each issue is signed and comes in a plastic slipcover."

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The Zine: What Does it Mean To Be Black? by Shannon Wallace

The Gist: "A collection of black-and-white images accompanied by short commentary discussing and exploring the many experiences, identities, and definitions of what it means to be black."

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The Brown Paper Zine Fair happened at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts in Brooklyn. For more details, see

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