The Best Excuse for Napping You'll Ever See

How do you capture a dream? With a pillowcase and some thread, of course.

Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian believes that who we are when we dream is the purest representation of ourselves. In an effort to express that whimsical notion, Ashkanian studies photos of sleeping people, then embroiders their life-sized outlines onto pillowcases that she's made by hand.

"I am really interested in sleeping people, and I want to explore what they see in their dreams," Ashkanian has told Creators. "Every person has a close relationship with his or her pillow—it is very, very personal." The soft yet contorted shapes and web of spidery lines captured in Sleep Series echo the abstract and intimate nature of dreams. "In dreaming, we are observers who stare into the farthest, most terrible and wonderful places," Ashkanian continued, "and we come back to the real world with these exclusive experiences."

See more of Ashkanian's embroidered pillows below!

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To see more of Maryam Ashkanian's work, check out her website and follow her on Instagram @maryamashkanianstudio.

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