Out of the Ordinary

An exclusive photo series by Ashley Sophia Clark.

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There's a double-take quality to Ashley Sophia Clark's photography, showcased primarily through her Instagram account, of which Lewis Carroll, one imagines, would be proud. The Portland-based artist wants her work to add levity to her viewer's lives and to point out the charming nature of quotidian moments. Imagine our excitement when she agreed to shoot an original photography series for us! We're over-the-moon to present it exclusively here.

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What made you want to become a photographer?

I'm not sure I ever set out to become a photographer or if I even consider myself one. I'm kind of an extroverted shy person, so I think I just always liked having something to hold in my hand and a tool that allowed me to connect with people. Most of the shoots I do feel like tiny happenings and a lot of the time the picture itself seems like more of a byproduct of the experience, rather than the purpose of it.

What was your inspiration for this shoot?

I was meditating on the idea of ritual versus routine and the funny little moments that can happen in between the chores of the everyday.

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What are some general sources of inspiration for you?

Kindness, energy, light, lack of light, paradoxes, tension, magic, moods, in-between spaces, hair, astrology, feminism, multiple realities, unsolved mysteries, synchronicity, question marks.

What do you hope the viewer gets out of your work?

A laugh or a wink or a hug, or just whatever they need from it.

What are your artistic intentions?

My intention is to just keep looking around, quietly rooting for everyone. I hope that's felt.

See more of Clark's work at somedaysarelikethat.com.

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