The Edit: CW Pencil Enterprise

Caroline Weaver, the "C" and "W" behind CW Pencil Enterprise on Manhattan's Lower East Side, shares five must-have fall styles from her store's arsenal of 300-plus pencils.

It's impossible not to feel optimistic upon entering Caroline Weaver's downtown New York shop. It's chock-full of all the things back-to-school excitement is made of: pencils, erasers, notebooks, and the scents of lead and fresh paper that come with them. The latter is not just her shop's bread and butter; it's also a very personal, longtime passion (she does have a tattoo of a No. 2 pencil down the length of her forearm, after all). To hear Weaver talk about the differences in the pieces she sells is more than a little romantic—though she wouldn't say the same for her handwriting. "Most of the labels in the store are written by me," she admits. "It's not…terrible." Here, she shares five showstopping writing utensils available at her shop this season.

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Caran d'Ache 999

"The red is more of a vermilion, and the blue is more of a vibrant crayon blue," Weaver says of this Swiss-made double-sided pencil. "It's super-smooth."

General's Pacific 365

The most traditional-looking pencil of the bunch, this yellow-and-metallic-green number is made by a Jersey City-based company. "I really like the type on it," Weaver says. "It looks like something a person might have used in a fifth-grade classroom in the '60s."

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Kitaboshi 9606

"Many Japanese pencils say on the back what [they're] intended to be used for," Weaver says of this white-eraser-tipped model. "This one is meant to be used for 'Academic Writing.'"

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Musgrave 100 Test Scoring

"This is a pencil that I've recently rediscovered my love for. It's painted silver, and the type is really kind of '80s. It's made in Tennessee by a lesser-known pencil company with electrographite so that it's [more easily] read by a test scoring machine."

Tombow Mono KM-KKS 4b

"I refer to this as the unicorn of Japanese pencils. For some reason, it's really hard to find. It's made for practicing penmanship and just feels like butter to write with."

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