Is This the Secret to Maintaining Your Friendships?

That's right—in the *mail*. In fact, people love mail so much that cards might be able to solve any relationship problem you have. Especially these cards.

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For When You Messed Up

Whether you said something you should not have or you did something that you're not altogether proud of, an apology text is a good idea. But an apology card will show that you really mean it.

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For When You've Been M.I.A.

When work, school, and other obligations start to pile up, you might end up involuntarily ghosting your friends. Let them know you haven't forgotten them with the help of a card (and feel free to blame your absence on the stars).

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For When You Want to Lend Some Support

While an encouraging text, call, or hug is always comforting to a friend having a rough time, something tangible can be a powerful reminder that everything will be OK.

For When a Random Compliment Is in Order

Maybe your pal just finished sending in their college applications—or maybe they're just deserving of some good karma. Spread the positive vibes around with a charming card.

For When You Just Want to Drop a Line

Whether you see your best friend every day or once every few months, there's nothing like a random card to brighten up a normal day. Skip the check-in text and send a fun greeting instead.

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