There Are Only 15 Copies of This Limited-Edition Photo Book in the World

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Photographer Derek Ridgers crops up all over in the history of British music throughout the past 40 years, chronicling the patrons of the most influential clubs and venues in the nation, during some of the most important counter-culture movements in recent history. Starting in 1971, Ridgers, armed with cheap cameras and home made equipment, began obsessively documenting the various underground club scenes in London. Focusing on young people in "a state of creative becoming," as filmmaker John Maybury puts it in his introduction, Ridgers took portraits of punks, skinheads, rockabillies, New Romantics (think Boy George), ravers, and anyone in between. The photos are at once both shocking and subtle, and totally unforgettable.

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The intimate portraits were compiled into a book in 2014, 78-87 London Youth and, this month, Damiani will be reissuing the seminal volume, this time in a limited-edition box with a with a print signed by Ridgers. Move quickly: There are only 15 copies available. This rare version will run you $650, however; fortunately the original is still available for a far-more palatable $50.

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