Dot-to-dot books are the latest way to de-stress. We're particularly smitten with these kitty and city versions.

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As the adult coloring trend continues to sweep the world, we've been looking for a way to mix things up, preferably one in which we can still use our coloring pencils. Now, we welcome the next wave in mindfulness: the Connect Your Way to Calm series. Little, Brown are releasing the first two books in the series, Dot-to-Dot: Cats by Karine Nayé and Dot-to-Dot: Cities by Jessie Booth, today. Whether you're architecture or animal inclined, you can find solace in each edition's 31 puzzles.

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Upon first glance, each page looks like a smattering of dots and numbers so condensed and convoluted, you can't decipher the cities and kitties poised to appear (each drawing is composed of as many as 500—500!—dots). But therein lies the fun of it! Once you've found number one and put pencil to paper, you'll find the focus demanded quiets your mind. By dot 300, you'll be feeling downright zen. So there it is: take a connect-a-cat or construct-a-city challenge and feel calmer. Right meow.

Dot-to-Dot: Cats (Little, Brown), $16, and Dot-to-Dot: Cities (Little, Brown), $16, both bookcourt.com.

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