Making the Case for Mondays

This German illustrator is out to defend the most dreaded day of the week, one drawing at a time.

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Anna Katharina Jansen likes Mondays—so much so that she started a blog dedicated to the day. While each illustration calls out a random and specific phenomenon (such as "I like girls in white shirts and cool caps"), her goal with the site is to take seemingly mundane things and find something to love about them. "When I began working as a professional illustrator, I didn't want to lose focus on personal illustrations," Jansen says. "So I decided to start every week with a little creative highlight—an illustration about something that I like."

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As the Hamburg, Germany-based artist notes in her cheerful illustrations, Sundays are certainly relaxed and carefree—but where's the excitement in that? Mondays, on the other hand, are full of the unexpected: strange characters, bizarre moods, and weird self-observations. We asked Jansen, currently finishing her master's thesis in illustration at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, to write a love letter to Mondays so we could better understand her unique point of view. Read firsthand why Mondays are her second-favorite thing (after her boyfriend Robin, of course), and you might find yourself starting next week off with a whole new sense of appreciation.

Now, repeat after us: "I like Mondays."

A Love Letter to Mondays

By Anna Katharina Jansen

See more of Anna Katharina Jansen's illustrations at, her blog, and follow her on Instagram @annakatharinajansen.

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