It's Time for a Coaster Roundup!

So you can stop ruining your furniture and start hosting dinner parties again.

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Sure, we all like to pretend that we're happy, go-lucky types, inviting everyone over for drinks and snacks—maybe pre-gaming, maybe for a birthday party, maybe to find out just what on earth is going on with Jon Snow—but that coffee table didn't just appear one day. No, you chose it. You spent hard-earned money on it. Why sacrifice its gleaming surface to scratches and stains, just so people think you're more insouciant than you actually are?

Photograph courtesy of West Elm
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Fortunately, there is a solution that will both delight your guests and prevent you from looking like a stuffy old person: beautiful coasters! Keep one of these sets close by at all times, and you will never find yourself in a situation where you have to awkwardly remove people's drinks and place them atop a folded napkin or old magazine. No one will complain about having to use one of these gorgeous coasters—if anything, it's a privilege. Sell it just that way.

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Below, we've found the prettiest coasters to save your tabletops and encourage social gatherings. Bottoms up (and then, safely, down)!

Circles Coasters, $45,

A set of coasters beautiful enough to frame and hang on your wall, these felt circles are all you need to add a pop of color to your table top.

Kivita Coasters in Rose Quartz + Gold, $165,

Rimmed with 24k gold, Kivita Coasters pair nicely with white rugs and glasses of expensive red wine.

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Plant Leaves Coasters by Tilissimo, $25,

These handmade ceramic coasters are the perfect alternative to actual houseplants—all the philodendron goodness without the caretaking stress. 

Entwine Fluorescent Pink Coaster, $15,
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Perhaps the most delicate landing spot for your drink, these unique cotton thread coasters are hand-crocheted in Vietnam.

Shagreen Coaster Set in Seafoam, $275,
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While most of us may never consider spending anything over $50 on a coaster set, these embossed sharkskin coasters, ringed in brass and covered underneath with suede, are the perfect thing to keep in mind for, say, your wedding registry.

4-Pack Coasters in White/Grapefruit, $4,

The bright grapefruit design on these is ideal for outdoor summer BBQs—and because we're all about balance, this $4 set will keep your table just as dry as the pricier option above. 

Dahlia Coasters, $18 for six,
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 More decorative than functional, these cut-out gold dahlias are perfect for evenings with a fancier vibe.

Herbarium Coaster in Tropical, $9,

Coasters that double as art? Yes, please. These ceramic plates created by Danish designers Hvass & Hannibal feature a range of colorful tropical plants painted on porcelain.

Geometric Bamboo Coasters, $38 for four,

Let your friends know you don't mess around with your tableware, or tables, by offering up these bamboo ones, crafted from original papercuttings.

Teraine Coasters, $51 for four,
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Geometric patterns made with a mixture of bone and wood for those who appreciate modern design. 

Trees Two Blue Coasters by Boho & Co, $24,
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Inspired by the English countryside, these coasters will protect surfaces from spills and scratches with elegance and class.

Copper Ray Ceramic Coaster Set, $40,

Perk up your morning coffee with these cheerful metallic sunbursts. 

Linen Coasters in Seafoam, $20,

In addition to seafoam, these linen and silicone coasters also come in denim blue, chocolate, and cranberry—all with a beautiful translucent finish.

The Vintage Vogue Linea Coasters, $25,

Simple, hand-painted, white-and-gold circles for the minimalist in you.

Letterpress Coaster in Hydrangea, $10,

Offered in a variety of intricate illustrations, these paper letterpress coasters are almost too pretty to use! Almost.

See a set worthy of a spot on your coffee table? Circle and share with friends! 


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