Never Hang in the Dark Again

These outdoor accessories makes it easier to, you know, see things.

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So you're at a picnic, or maybe you're in a friends backyard, or, even better, maybe you're camping (if you're doing all those things at once then we applaud you). The sun is setting, it's gorgeous out, and then—boom!—you suddenly can't see anything. Candles are great, but they require the matches that you probably forgot, plus while they're romantic they don't allow you to actually see much, and if there's any hint of wind, you're literally in the dark. Enter the cordless lantern! These easy-to-transport lamps have been popping up all over the design market. Some fit in your purse, some play music, and some are even powered by the sun. Time to find your favorite!

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Ones That Resemble Actual Lanterns

You know, with a handle and everything! These portable lamps have one purpose and one purpose only—to help you light the way.

FollowMe Rechargable LED Table Lamp by Marset, $259,
UMA Sound Lantern by Pablo Designs, $479,
Balad Lamp by Fermob, $123,
Luau Portable LED Lamp by Duane Smith and Stefan Barbeau, $169,
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Ones You Can Hide in Your Bag

These are sneaky lights. Some are camouflaged as books, and some just fold up like a piece of paper. Stash these lamps in your beach bag, weekender, or picnic basket for the ultimate late-night adventure companion.

Mini Lumio+ by Max Gunawan, $125,
Kangaroom Light, $119,
SolarPuff, $30,

Ones That Are Perfect for the Table

You know those times when you find yourself at a very adult summer dinner party? These are for that.

Mr. n LED Table Lamp by Koncept, $124,
Koho Outdoor Table Lamp by Fontana Arte, $599,
Pearl Portable LED Lamp by Smart and Green, $101,

Ones That Work With the Power of the Sun

Not in the mood to plug in to charge? No problem. Just leave these guys out in the daytime to soak up the sun. By nightfall, you'll have powered up hours of light.

Foldable Solar Floating Bottle by iSolem,
Sun Jar Solar Lamp by Tobais Wong, $40,
Soji Solar Floral Cylinder, $30,
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