Phone Cases by Gooey

These cases are changing the definition of "selfie."

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If you take a picture of yourself, but you're not technically holding the camera, is it still a selfie? Enter Gooey: weird name, weirder product. Made from polyurethane epoxy and using suction technology, the phone cases feel normal to the touch, but stick like superglue to flat, glossy surfaces like mirror and glass. Simply latch it onto a full-length mirror, set the camera timer, and—boom—you've opened up a whole new world, hands-free. The possibilities are endless! Check your headstand form, document your outfit (head-to-toe—no more awkward cut-offs!), and test out a few moves before their dance floor debut. They're also suitable for group selfies, so when you give one person the gift of Gooey, you're really gifting the whole gang.

Phone cases by Gooey, $45, select Target stores and

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