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For the 15th year in a row, the Affordable Art Fair has come to New York City (1 of 14 locations!), and your apartments (not to mention, wallets) are about to be very happy about that.

Art. Whether it's in the form of a napkin-doodle attached to your fridge door, a painting you were given by a grandparent, or framed illustrations you got from Etsy, we all own it (or want to), ogle it, and some of us even create it.

So maybe you can't all afford one of Picasso's animal line drawings (there's still lots of time!), or are feeling uninspired by what you're seeing online, and can't make your own (again, time!). Enter, the Affordable Art Fair. From today through April 3, more than 70 local, national, and international galleries will come together in Manhattan to showcase over one thousand pieces of art ranging from $75 to $10,000. Not only is the event an incredibly fun place to get inspiration (we're looking forward to seeing some gold-leaf covered pieces by recent graduate Delano Dunn), but it also is a great time to snag some well-priced art that may very well increase significantly in value in the next few years. If this all sounds like a lot to deal with, we get it. Lucky for you, fair director Cristina Salmastrelli gave us her best buying tips. Take note!

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1 Figure out the type of art that you like

"Art fairs can be overwhelming! There are 1,000-1,500 pieces of art up at all times. It's important to prepare beforehand—there's a lot to look at. Research genres of art and find the ones that are your favorites. Like photography? What about oil paintings or drawings? Are three-dimensional works up your alley? Take note of what catches your eye."

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2 Think about where you want to hang a piece of art in your home.

"Have a blank space in the living room, bedroom, or bathroom? Pro tip: Never forget about the bathroom! That is where you can put the funkiest pieces of art. Wherever you choose, make sure you measure the area and note the dimensions."

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3 Know how much you're willing to spend

"We have art priced from $75-$10,000 at each edition of the Affordable Art Fair. There is absolutely something for everyone. That said, think about how much you're willing to shell out—it will help narrow down your options."

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4 Ask a lot of questions

"If you're going to purchase a piece of art (at any price!) it's important that you know as much about it as you can. Answers will help you feel more comfortable throwing down cash, but also, when it's hanging in your house, you can give your friends and family background on the piece, the artist's inspiration, and the reason you wanted to buy it."

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5 My favorite questions to ask:

How long did it take the artist to make this work?

What influenced him or her to create the piece?

Is this work different than other pieces the artist has done in the past?

Why does the gallerist represent the artist? "

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The Affordable Art Fair's next stop is in Singapore, then Hong Kong and London. Get more information at

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