Pet Furniture So Beautiful You're Going to Want to Sit on It

But please don't.

You live a beautiful life, and so should your pet. Shop our picks, and your furry friend will be heading home to some truly designer digs.

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Does your dog like to steal your spot on the couch? This floral bed mimics that cozy, burrowed feeling your dog gets after circling around a few times, plopping into doughnut form, and sinking into a couch cushion. Filled with shredded latex and cotton, the bed is designed to retain its shape. To refluff, just shake. Good owner!

Floral mattress bed by Mr. Dog, $200,
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The ancestors of today's cats were tree-dwelling. Why bother with all the pesky things back on the ground? Get your cat in touch with their roots with this elevated, wall-mountable perch. The real sheepskin cushions on each of the four stories add a warm touch to the smooth pinewood, and the house even has a set of tiny stairs.

Four-Story Cat House by Catissa, $479,
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Pets are family, and they should sleep like it. These hardwood beds are built to fit upcycled human pillows, so it's like a forever sleepover. Since you're part of the pack, your pillows are a comforting smell—and this way, you'll get even more life out of them. Plus, you choose the pillowcase: keep it simple with one color, or cover it with Batman and let your dog sleep-chase villains. If you don't have a case to spare, the shop offers a couple.

Medium dog bed by CozyCama, $159,
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Add a minimalist touch to any room with this pint-size teepee. Its clean lines make it compatible with almost any decor, and its solid wood poles and canvas fabric are easy to put together. Not only is this stowaway nook lightweight, it also has a matching bag that you can throw it into when your furry sidekick joins you on your next trip.

Striped dog teepee by Pipolli, $85,
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This innovative design puts a whole new spin on the word "birdhouse." Ideal for small birds to cockatiels, this steel cage is inspired by classic American home styles and can comfortably house a feathered family of three.

Featherstone Heights Cape Cod Keet/Tiel Home, by Prevue Hendryx, $81,
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If you want to hide something, the best place is often in plain sight. Disguise your kitty's litter pan with this modern cabinet that doubles as a side table. Your pet enters in an opening on the side, and the soft-closing doors keep smells contained and make cleanup easy. The doors even come in a few shades so you can match the cabinet to your decor.

The MINI Cabinet by ModernistCat, $439,
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Obsessed with anything made of felt? This cat cave is a craft-lover's dream. Handmade with 100 percent wool, this textured haven comes in an array of colors and sizes for your cat (or maybe even your hedgehog).

Felt cat cave by Ausrafeltshop, $42,
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Give any table a regal touch with this ornate domed birdcage. Though its shiny finish and leaf-embellished arches give it a delicate look, the structure itself is sturdy and lined with columns reminiscent of ancient palaces. At over 25 pounds, it's worth its weight—and your bird gets to be king of their own castle.

Birdcage Mogul by The Interior Gallery, $300,
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If your living room feels like a sardine can, just get your pup their own couch. It has a soft, removable, artificial-leather cover and nonslip nubs on the bottom in case your dog crashes hard after a long day of doing nothing.

I Love Brooklyn dog sofa by Bello Mania, $61,
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Make every week shark week! This padded hexagonal bed is a "fintastic" predator just waiting to guest-star in your Instagram. The bed has two openings so your cat can squeeze their way through, but there's no danger of wires poking through because there aren't any.

Great White Shark Cat Ball Hideaway Cat bed, $105,
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