Prints for Days

The head of collections at our favorite art store in New York curates a special gift list of charming prints.

Artworks, like books, make a fantastic gift. But, also like books, they're not the most straightforward present. Picture Room, which opened last year in New York City, aims to make the experience an entirely more enjoyable one, and features work by both emerging and established contemporary artists in a beautiful little space in Nolita. A hop, skip, and jump from its mothership, the beloved independent bookshop McNally Jackson, the art store also features posters, art publications, and artists' books sourced, like the prints, from private collections, galleries, and often from the artists themselves. If you're in need of a curatorial consultation, they offer that, but if you just want to give someone you love something beautiful to put on their walls, look no further than this guide, courtesy of collections manager Claire Kroužecký.

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For the Aesthete

Sigrid Calon, #4 of 9, 3x3 Series Picture Room Edition, 2015

$125 (unframed), $225 (framed)

Featuring minimalist rules paired with craft sensibilities in a retro color palette, these works by Netherlands artist Sigrid Calon operate like visual weaves, creating fun rhythms and textures within the picture that also play off their hanging environment.

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For the Vagabond

Pia Howell, Hollywood Rd. Series, 2015

$185 (unframed), $260 (framed)

Taking imagery from the Hong Kong night markets, these C-prints by up-and-coming Brooklyn artist Pia Howell are made in the dark room using painted transparencies and colored light exposures.

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For the Romantic

Aidan Koch, The Blonde Woman: Cave (in), 2012

$650 (framed)

This unique gouache by Brooklyn-based artist Aidan Koch is an unused page from her recent graphic novel, The Blonde Woman. As enigmatic as it is mysterious.

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For the Conceptualist

Lawrence Weiner, Portikus Exhibition Poster, 1989

$1,300 (framed)

Made to mark the launch of the grandfather of conceptual art's catalogue raisonné in 1989, this poster features Weiner's trademark die-cuts. A++

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For the Idealist

Christo, Monuments Portfolio, 1968

$920 (framed)

This is the title page for the portfolio detailing land artist Christo's epic contribution to Document IV. After 3 failed attempts he successfully mounted the largest ever inflated structure without an internal skeleton. I like his triumphant little head at the bottom of the picture!

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