Breaking the Mold

If you've ever wondered what a chainsaw made of clay looked like, Katharine Morling is here to flesh that out for you.

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Katharine Morling in her Deptford, London, studio.
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London-based sculptor Katharine Morling deals in tableaus: A sewing machine surrounded by pincushions and thread, a workman's bag filled to the brim with instruments and tools, an antique box displaying dead beetles and coral. "[They're] three-dimensional drawings, in the medium of ceramics," Morling has explained. Illustrative lines and meticulous attention to detail result in work which blurs the lines between mediums delightfully. 

Cut (Chainsaw)
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Morling's decision to leave the pieces unglazed adds a level of mystery to her work. Using only porcelain and black slip, the graphic lines running along the matte surfaces lend the pieces a surreal two-dimensional flatness—at first glance, the objects almost appear to be made of plastic or paper, rather than clay. And as you begin to take in the full range of objects, your mind begins to weave a story, linking the pieces together. So, if you're dying to reach out and put one of the monochromatic cassettes into the boombox, you're not alone. But please, no touching.

Stitched Up

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