Kelly Oxford Is the Funniest Person on Snapchat

And these are her keys to Snapchat success.

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Kelly Oxford was the internet's funniest heroine long before she came to Snapchat. Once upon a time (read: 2009), she set up a Twitter account and attracted fans like Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel with her witty one-liners. Now, with two books under her wing—her latest was released this week—the writer is dominating just about every medium possible.

"I did a thing in a mall where I would just Snap all the men waiting for women." —Kelly Oxford

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But it's like Snapchat was made for her. Whether she's Snapping strange things she encounters in L.A. (e.g., two friends she repeatedly sees walking around who never seem to speak to each other) or going on long rants about conspiracy theories (e.g., why Patrick Dempsey used to be married to his best friend's mom), she's easily the most addictive, hilarious person on Snapchat. Naturally, we tracked her down to study her airtight Snapchat strategy.

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Now, let Kelly Oxford show you how to create the perfect Snap story:

Tip No. 1: If You LOL or Think "WTF," Snap It

Tip No. 2: Think About Your Setting

Tip No. 3: Make Sure Your Story Has a *Story*

Tip No. 4: Don't Be Afraid to Snap Strangers

Tip No. 5: Use a Filter When the Time Is Right

Tip No. 6: Pick an Enemy

Tip No. 7: Find the Perfect Background Song

Tip No.8: Start a Conversation and Make New Friends

Tip No.9: Know What's Right for Snapchat…and What Isn't

And now, Kelly Oxford's thoughts on procrastinating...

"Anything before 2000 is the '90s."

When You Find Out the World Is Against You: And Other Funny Memories About Awful Moments by Kelly Oxford (Dey Street Books), $22,

Follow Kelly on Snapchat @kellyoxford.

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