Meet the Mag: Fireflies

Fancy yourself a film buff? Or just really, really like movies? This zine is going to be your new favorite read.

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Regardless of your obsession, it's pretty safe to say that, in this day and age, there's a mag for that. The more we scour the bookshelves of our coolest friends, the more we just want to take a month off and spend the whole time reading zines—and we'd probably start off with Fireflies, our new favorite of late. Founding editors Annabel Brady-Brown and Giovanni Marchini Camia took a break from hopping back and forth between Berlin and Melbourne putting together their third issue to chat with us about what makes their zine one of the coolest on the market. And, bonus! You could be featured in the next one.

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Brady-Brown and Marchini Camia not only let you, the reader, deep-dive into the world of potentially unfamiliar (yet still quite significant) filmmakers, but they also encourage contribution. The magazine, which uses each issue to celebrate two filmmakers—the latest issue highlights directors Claire Denis and Jia Zhangke—is created collaboratively. According to Brady-Brown, the zine boasts "contributors from five continents, across a large variety of disciplines, many of whom may be discovering these films for the first time." The two editors compile fiction, poetry, criticism, comics, photography, painting, and illustration for every issue—and, needless to say, each edition is a truly distinctive experience. "Reading our contributors' surprising, unique takes on the films is a thrill each time," says Brady-Brown.

Past pairings have included Pier Paolo Pasolini and Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and Abbas Kiarostami and Béla Tarr.

The founders set out to create a publication that spoke about films "intelligently and imaginatively" without alienating the reader, who may just be starting to get into cinema. Whether it's through an "oddball, illustrated short story, which used a suicidal ant farm bought on Craigslist as a way to creatively explore the themes of mortality in Abbas Kiarostami's cinema," or big beautiful illustrations, Fireflies has successfully realized the premise that Brady-Brown and Marchini Camia started out with: "to create a space for film criticism that speaks about cinema in fresh, open, and stimulating ways that appeal to both cinephiles and non-cinephiles."

The third issue of Fireflies is out now, and can be found in galleries, cinemas and independent bookstores around the world—as well as their online shop,

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