Skater Salad Days

Quartersnacks—the New York City skate blog that became the voice of its generation—celebrates a decade with a new book.

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Cyrus Bennett skating in the West Village
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In contrast with the devil-may-care attitude of most action sports athletes, skateboarders are very much a sentimental people. In fact, Quartersnacks, the skate blog launched in 2005 by Kostantin Satchek and some of his friends, was itself founded on a sense of sentimentality: "It's a pretty transient thing," says Satchek of the community. "You might see someone all summer and then not see them for six years. But when you see them again, you remember them."

Miles Marquez, an original Quartersnacks crew member.
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The website's lo-fi videos, sense of humor, and irreverent tone of voice have made Quartersnacks a must-follow site not just in Satchek's home of New York City, but internationally, too. Named after a popular skater meetup downtown, TF at 1: Ten Years of Quartersnacks is a thorough survey of the ever-changing New York City skate culture, as well as the offbeat players that make it so interesting. Local personalities like young rapper Slicky Boy, skater-turned-author Roctakon, and designer Andre Page are all featured. There are also guides to the (abundant) slang, skate spots, and shops that create a telling collage of the tight-knit scene.

Members of the original Quartersnacks crew

TF at 1: Ten Years of Quartersnacks (powerHouse Books), $30,

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