The Wolfpack as You've Never Seen Them Before

A cool house and some amazing fashion shoots for Elle, Vogue, The New York Times, and i-D magazine (just to name a few) aren't the only things Dan Martensen has under his belt: the photographer recently had a huge show at Deitch Projects gallery in Manhattan, and his new photo book, Wolves Like Us, from Italian publisher Damiani, hits the shelves today. The subject of both is the band of brothers that make up The Wolfpack.

If you're not familiar: The pack is made up of six siblings who spent the majority of their upbringing in their family's small apartment in lower Manhattan—living their lives through movies. It's ironic, but oddly fitting, that a documentary is what ended up setting them free. Photographer Dan Martensen met the boys through Crystal Moselle, the director of the film The Wolfpack, and has been shooting them since production began in 2010. In the five years that he's known them, he's watched them get to know the outside world, grow up, and move out—but, ultimately, stick together. Here, Martensen talks us through some of his favorite images in the book.

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"Bhagavan is dressed as the character Bane from Batman in this picture. The detail is brilliant, and the costume is extraordinarily delicate and difficult to put on. It's one of my favorites because of this."

"Govinda hadn't cut his hair yet—he may have had the longest hair of all the boys when I met them. I wanted to do a more broken-down and pure portrait, as opposed to many of the images I made of the boys in costume. This one came out brilliantly; it shows his amazing hair and soft gaze."

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"Eddie has the most amazing posture of anyone I've ever met. It's hard to describe. When we were out in the woods shooting, he was enjoying being close to nature and just lay back on this branch. It's one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken."

"Train tracks are a visual theme in a lot of films. The boys got into character, acting sort of like traveling hobos. We would reenact scenes from Stand by Me. In this shot, Eddie is playing the harmonica by an abandoned train while Narayana walks along the rails."

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"This is Mukunda on Halloween in his infamous Michael Myers costume. It's the same costume he was wearing the day he first left the apartment and ventured out into the streets of the Lower East Side."

"Here is Mukunda on the carousel in Coney Island on the day we were running around doing pictures inspired by The Lost Boys. The guys had an amazing time freaking out everyone on the beach."

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"This picture is special because this is one of the first costumes I shot Mukunda in that wasn't referencing any movie. It was his own creation, and a sign of what's to come. The creativity is endless with him, and new ideas and costumes are beginning to emerge."

Wolves Like Us, $35,

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