"Healthy Indulgent Food" Is Our New Favorite Phrase

Nothing is more stressful than stressing out about stress-eating cookie dough.

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Swapping spaghetti for sweet potatoes might sound weird, but that's the kind of idea that fuels Hungryroot, a company that uses vegetables to recreate the comfort foods you know and love. After learning that only six percent of Americans eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day and seventy-four percent of Americans are overweight, co-founder Chef Franklin Becker created 25 different meal alternatives packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients. The best part? They're all ready to eat in under seven minutes.

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"We saw the root cause of the problem to be the lack of appeal that vegetables have for most people," Becker says, "so we decided to create a brand of products that were vegetable in substance, but in formats that people associate with indulgence, such as pancakes and pasta and desserts." The bigger mission? Making vegetables the main event. "We believe that in the next five to ten years, vegetables will start to replace meat at the center of the dinner plate."

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Want to give Hungryroot a try but not sure where to start? Check out Becker's go-tos below, as well as our own taste-tested favorites. Bon appétit!

Becker's Top Swaps:

Love Pancakes? Try Maple Chickpea Pancake Batter

Maple Chickpea Pancake Batter, $6.

"The pancakes come as a moist batter of sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and maple syrup, and they form into perfectly golden pancakes—or a perfect waffle for that matter!"

Love Pad Thai? Try Carrot Noodles with Tangy Sriracha Peanut

Carrot Noodles with Tangy Sriracha Peanut, $9.
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"All of our noodle meals are unique because they leverage different combinations of spiralized vegetables and accompanying sauces to resemble those comfort noodle dishes that everyone knows and loves, such as this pad Thai."

Our Top Swaps

Love Rice Pudding? Try Cauliflower Coconut Rice Pudding

Cauliflower Coconut Rice Pudding, $6.

If you're craving something traditionally sweet, try this blend of cauliflower "rice" and rich coconut cream. It can be served warm and delicious or fresh and raw.

Love Brownies? Try Black Bean Brownie Batter

Black Bean Brownie Batter, $8.

The perfect solution for a late-night chocolate craving, this whipped concoction of black beans, sweet potatoes, and almond butter has half the calories, sugar, and carbs as traditional brownie batter.

Love Pasta? Try Turnip Noodles With Toasted Walnut Pesto

Turnip Noodles With Toasted Walnut Pesto, $9.

This is the low-carb, high-antioxidant version of pesto pasta you've always dreamed of! The spiralized turnip noodles and homemade basil walnut pesto mixed with peppered roasted carrots is chock-full of vitamin C and calcium. Want a little extra protein? Hungryroot gives you the option to add grilled chicken or roasted tofu to any order.

All foods available at hungryroot.com.

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