How to Start Your Day on the Sweetest Note Ever

You May Now Eat Marshmallows for Breakfast

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You may have thought your morning cup of coffee didn't need any improvement—but it just got one, thanks to a new spin on a classic sweet: the marshmallow.

XO Marshmallow is a homemade-marshmallow company started by two friends, Kat Connor and Lindzi Shanks, that's been offering up 'mallows in unique flavors like champagne, lavender honey, and mango habanero since this past January—and now it's unveiling a brand-new type of marshmallow. Introducing the Monut: a bagel-shaped marshmallow perfectly sized for a mug of hot chocolate or, even better, coffee.

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"We really wanted to create things that were out of the box but versatile," says Shanks. "We didn't want them to be flavors that people can only pair with hot chocolate. We wanted to create things that people could also put in coffee, s'mores, ice cream—the sky's the limit."

Kahlua Coffee Marshmallows by Shop XO Marshmallow, $8,

The Monut was invented when Connor was making a batch of marshmallows and decided to scoop some leftover batter into a doughnut pan. "I had previously tried molding different shapes, but it hadn't really worked out because of the types of molds and how soft the marshmallow batter is," she says. "We were both pleasantly surprised that this worked. And they fit so well into mugs, we just knew that was going to be our next thing."

Which flavor will you pick?

Available in vanilla bean, cocoa, and salted caramel, Monuts are an easy way to make a warm cup of coffee or cocoa feel instantly cozier. And what better way to start a cool autumn day than with a mug full of something totally comforting?

Honey Pale Ale by Shop XO Marshmallow, $8,

While XO Marshmallow has met major Kickstarter success thanks to the unveiling of its Monuts, the company's founders aren't limiting themselves to just one marshmallow-beverage combination. They've teamed up with local breweries and distilleries to host tasting events, after discovering that some of their marshmallows are surprisingly good with beer and wine.

Lavender Honey Marshmallows by Shop XO Marshmallow, $8,

S'mores and sweet potato casserole may be tried-and-true autumnal marshmallow pairings, but this fall, we're craving something just a bit different, and XO Marshmallow's latest sugary innovation fits the bill for maximum coziness—for whenever we're in need of an extra-sweet treat.

XO Marshmallow's Monuts and marshmallows are available at

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