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This Russian bakery hand-paints their cakes, and we can't stop staring. Because looking at dessert is the next best thing to eating it, right?

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Some cakes are cakes you buy last minute at your local grocery store—slightly stale and a little lopsided—and some cakes are spectacular masterpieces hand-painted in Russia, epitomizing culinary perfection. These particular cakes would be the latter. The towering pieces of art are by Totik Annuckha (which translates to "Anna's Cakes"), a bakery in Moscow that has been producing some serious baked goods since 2009. In addition to their cakes, cupcakes, cakepops, cookies, and macarons, they also offer courses and masterclasses for aspiring pastry chefs of any skill level. So, if gazing upon these cakes has made it your one true wish in life to learn how to delicately layer sliced, painted pears—you know where to go.

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Below, we've chosen some of our favorite cakes from Totik Annuckha—the result of a  truly challenging decision-making process that  left us very, veryhungry.

Mineral Cake

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If you've never dreamed of a cake that's indistinguishable from an amethyst, your dreams just aren't big enough.

Pear Cake

These delicately sliced layered pears washed with a purple-blue sheen remind us of butterfly wings—but since we know they're just pears, we'd have no trouble eating them.

Winter's Tale Cake

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If William Shakespeare had ordered a cake for The Winter's Tale opening night after-party in January 1611, we feel strongly that it would've looked something like this.

Stained Glass

We imagine this cake at a grand wedding in a cathedral, somewhere near a beach covered in hibiscus. Not a dry eye in the house.


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For your friend whose dorm room is covered in posters of Hokusai's masterpiece "The Great Wave off Kanagawa." 

Stickers Cake

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When you can't say it in words, say it in emoji stickers.

Mushroom Cake

If you're in charge of planning this year's midsummer woodland fête, you may want to bookmark this one.

Mosaic Cake

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Gustav Klimt in cake form.

Vanguard Cake

Putting your average two-toned icing to chromatic shame.

Golden Petals Cake

A gold cake that won't break your teeth? Dreams really do come true!

Marble Cake

The closest you'll get to edible, imported Italian marble.

Painted Cake

Try topping a cake with painted flowers, metallic beading, and chocolate pillows. You can't!

To see more mouth-watering confections, go to tortik-annuchka.com or follow them on Instagram @tortikannuchka.

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