How to Become an Amazing Bartender

The only tools and advice you need to become a real-deal mixologist, right in your own kitchen (or living room or, you know, wherever)—straight from the drink experts at L.A.'s coolest craft cocktail shop, The Cocktail Lab.

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1. Teardrop Viski Barspoon

Teardrop Barspoon by Viski, $10,
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"This is ideal for mixing those stirred drinks, and when a recipe calls for measuring a 'barspoon,'" says Eric Treiber, co-founder of The Cocktail Lab in Los Angeles.

2. Mixing Glass

Mixing Glass, $32,

"For cocktails that are better stirred, not shaken. Sorry, Mr. Bond."

3. Viski Shaker

Shaker by Viski, $40,

"Get a two-piece fitted tin or a three-piece cobbler that has a built-in strainer. If you go with the three-piece, keep an eye on the top cap—it's been known to run away. This heavyweight three-piece shaker is the perfect accent to any bar."

4. Leopold Jigger

Leopold Jigger by Cocktail Kingdom, $24,

"A great cocktail is about balance, so, measurement is key. Get a 1oz over 2oz double jigger. I like this Leopold style, which has internal markings for ¼, ½, ¾, and 1½ ounces."

5. Hawthorne Strainer

Hawthorne Strainer, $22,

"Use this in conjunction with both the two-piece shaking tins and the mixing glass. It keeps ice and unwanted ingredients at bay, while the drink slips into the glass."

6. Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray

Tovolo King Cube Ice Tray, $9,

"This makes 2-inch ice cubes, which melt slowly in your drink, so you won't get the dilution blues. The King Cube is great because it's beveled on the bottom, so it spins nicely in the glass when stirring."

7. Double Old-Fashioned Glasses

Double Old-Fashioned Glass, $10,

"These easily accommodate the aforementioned large 2-inch ice cubes with ease. Feels good in the hand."

8. Coupe Glasses

Coupe Glass (Set of 8), $300,

"Champagne's domain in the roaring 1920s. Now, the choice for serving cocktails that require an 'up' presentation."

9. Cocktail Muddler

Wooden Muddler, $12,

"Choose one with a flat surface; muddlers with jagged ends tend to tear the more delicate ingredients. Unvarnished wooden muddlers are my favorite."

10. Spitfire Margarita Mix

Spitfire Margarita Mix by Arrowhead Farms, $22,
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"From our friends at Arrowhead Farms, an all-natural, small-batch margarita mix that will get the dog days of summer barking. (It's spicy!)"

11. Toasted Pecan Bitters

Toasted Pecan Bitters by Miracle Mile, $26,

"One of our best sellers, and as local as you can get for us here at The Cocktail Lab. (Shout-out to the 90036!) Miracle Mile Toasted Pecan Bitters are perfectly at home in any Old-Fashioned."

12. Death & Co. Book

Death & Co. Hardcover Book, $40,

"From the famed cocktail bar in New York City of the same name. (As a former East Village resident, I have to give them some love!) Hands down my top recommendation for those looking to take their home cocktail game to the next level, with recipes, tools, techniques, character, and mouth-watering photography."

Now wouldn't that look nice at your place?

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