8 Foodie Tech Fixes

Technology makes every other aspect of your life easier. Why not breakfast, lunch, and dinner, too?

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Burn Everything You Cook? You Need the June Oven

Looks like a toaster oven, but it's way, way more. Available for preorder now. juneoven.com.
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Releasing this fall, the June smart oven is the high-tech kitchen solution for two types of people: the novice who sees the kitchen as the final frontier, and the avid home cook looking to replicate restaurant-quality food at home. The sleek, intuitive oven uses computer recognition software to identify up to 25 different types of food—think roast chicken, salmon, roasted veggies. It then predetermines their perfect cooking time and automatically cooks it for you, based on your personal preference, of course.

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What Does Futuristic Cooking Look Like? Meet Oliver

Can you even tell this is a slow cooker?
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Coming out in early 2017, the Oliver intelligent slow cooker (olivercooks.com) is redefining everything we thought we knew about the retro appliance. (Sorry, moms, slow cookers aren't just for you anymore.) Using Oliver's app, you'll be able to peruse a recipe database, pick whatever dish you want for the evening, and get a shopping list and prep instructions. Then all that's left to do is put each ingredient in its respective canister. Just like that, dinner is served, Jetsons-style.

Want to Geek Out in the Kitchen? Check Out Nomiku

Nomiku, $199, nomiku.com.

You know how your favorite restaurants manage to cook everything, from steak to duck, to the absolute perfect texture (without fail!)? Well, chances are they're using a sous vide technique: submerging the food in a low-temperature water bath that guarantees internal consistency. Sous vide machines have always been bulky and expensive, but the app-controlled Nomiku is the at-home, handheld solution for cooking sous vide like a top chef. Yeah, even on a Wednesday.

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Obsessed With Food TV? Learn With Panna Cooking

Not ready to commit? Give the 30-day free trial a spin. pannacooking.com.

In the world of cooking, food porn is king. And that's why a subscription to Panna Cooking might be all the inspiration you need to apron up. The video service allows you to stream easy-to-follow recipes from some of the world's best chefs, like Amanda Cohen, Anita Lo, and Nancy Silverton—right to any of your devices. We heart visual learning (is there any other kind?).

Are You a Health-Minded Eater? Say Hello to SmartPlate

SmartPlate is out fall 2016. SmartPlate, $119, getsmartplate.com.

OK, so the SmartPlate isn't a high-tech kitchen appliance, but it is the techiest way to eat your food and stay healthy. The plate's weight sensors identify and analyze your food intake, which means you can track dietary goals more accurately than ever. Athletes and wellness gurus, we recommend placing your preorder now.


Looking to Impress in the Kitchen? Get Drop Scale

Drop Scale, $100, getdrop.com.

Freestyling in the kitchen isn't for everyone—and it's certainly not the first step for, well, anyone. The best way to get there: follow recipes to the letter. The Drop Scale and accompanying recipe app is the smartest way to practice, with video recipe demos and a scale that lets you weigh the required ingredients to the exact ounce. There's no chance of inconsistencies here.


Sick of Sharpening Knives? Invest in Furtif

Furtif Evercut Knives, $78–$138, aplusrstore.com.

One of the biggest—and most overlooked—kitchen mistakes is a dull knife: it makes prep so much harder than it needs to be. But getting your knives sharpened is a chore, so what's the solution? Only having to do it once every 25 years, thanks to Furtif Evercut's laser-bonded titanium surface. Now go set that calendar reminder to 25 years from today.

Can't Be Bothered? Then Shop for Only One Pan(telligent)

Pantelligent, $99, pantelligent.com.

Not interested in outfitting the kitchen of the future? Then consider a simple piece of equipment that will still majorly tech-ify your kitchen flow. This smart pan with internal temperature sensors communicates directly with your phone, so you know when exactly you need to flip, stir, and take your food off the stove. Easier than Seamless? Maybe not, but pretty damn close.

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