Surprise! They're All Vegan

If you think you need meat and dairy in your favorite foods, you might want to think again. These vegan treats will have you ready to convert… at least for an afternoon.

Maintaining a vegan diet can be tricky when traveling. Luckily for the herbivorous crowd, American cities are more vegan-friendly than ever. While you can safely expect to find a vegan bite to eat in Los Angeles or New York, you might have doubts about your options in Denver. But don't give up just yet, because we found ten delicious vegan treats around the country that will have even your most carnivorous friends vying to try a bite.

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The Snack: Vegan Green Tea Hibiscus Leslie Knope Donuts

The Place: Rocket88 Donuts in Indianapolis, IN

The Scoop: Rocket88 is committed to developing innovative and exciting donut flavors. Case in point, the vegan green tea hibiscus donut. It's a delicious snack in its own right, but we love that name of the shop's waffle donuts also pay homage to Amy Poehler's waffle-crazed character on Parks and Recreation.

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The Snack: Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Pops

The Place: Whisk in St. Louis, MO

The Scoop: St. Louisans know Cherokee Street as the best place for Mexican food and antiques. But if you're in the Cherokee neighborhood and you want something sweet, may we suggest Whisk. The bakeshop is filled with local art and features delicious, sustainably made treats, like this refreshing strawberry rhubarb ice pop.

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The Snack: Cinnamon Rolls

The Place: Local Sprouts in Portland, ME

The Scoop: A dairy-free cinnamon roll that tastes just as good as the original baked sweet? Believe the hype. Even better than the delicious cinnamon buns is Local Sprouts' commitment to healthy, ethical food. This worker-owned co-op is also committed to keeping prices as fair as possible, so your cinnamon bun and coffee breakfast won't break the bank.

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The Snack: Whoopie Pies

The Place: Pattycake Bakery in Columbus, OH

The Scoop: Head to Pattycake Bakery in Columbus and you really won't be able to go wrong. Everything is vegan, beautiful, and delicious. But these dreamy whoopie pies? We doubt you'll regret eating several by yourself.

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The Snack: Blueberry Mousse Bars

The Place: Vegan Vee in Nashville, TN

The Scoop: It's blueberry season, and Nashville bakery Vegan Vee is ready with these blueberry mousse bars, which are also gluten free! You'll want to get to Vegan Vee in the morning, partly because they close at 1pm, and also so you can have a mousse bar for breakfast.

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The Snack: Vegan Ice Cream

The Place: Sweet Action in Denver, CO

The Scoop: Another crowd-pleaser for vegans and omnivores alike, this ice cream shop in Denver is famous for its unusual flavors. Offerings change daily, but commonly seen vegan options include Salted Butterscotch, Berry Pie, Elderflower, Garam Masala, and Salted Carrot Cake. You can't go wrong!

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The Snack: Eclairs

The Place: Cake Walk Vegan Baking Company in Salt Lake City, UT

The Scoop: When you think "vegan culture" you may not think of Salt Lake City, but Cake Walk is here to change that. The first all-vegan bakery in SLC has seen huge success, and has even moved its signature "dillo" pastries into wholesale thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. We think their creamy, chocolatey eclairs are well worth a walk down to Frisch, the restaurant in which the bakery operates.

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The Snack: Maple-Oat-Nut Scones

The Place: Highland Coffee Company in Louisville, KY

The Scoop: This beloved neighborhood coffeeshop features draft-nitro cold brew coffee on tap and plenty of vegan baked goods, like these maple-oat-nut scones.

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The Snack: Baklava Cupcake

The Place: The Lunch Room in Ann Arbor, MI

The Scoop: Located in the historic Kerrytown district in Ann Arbor, this vegan restaurant is minutes from Ann Arbor farmer's market and some of the city's most unique local shops. Precede an afternoon in Kerrytown with one of The Lunch Room's baklava cupcakes! Fusing flakey, syrupy baklava with The Lunch Room's signature fluffy vegan cupcakes was a calculated risk, but we think it paid off.

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The Snack: Clunky Monkey tSoynami Ice Cream Sundae

The Place: Nami in Phoenix, AZ

The Scoop: Leading the way in Phoenix's vegan food scene is Nami, a coffeeshop that serves dairy-free baked goods and ice cream, as well as vegan Sunday brunch. They are best known for their signature tSoynami sundaes, like this one, which is full of pecans, bananas, and chocolate.

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